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I'm scared about what this is going to look like: ICU nurse on end of Texas mask mandate
Texas governor Greg Abbott announced he's lifting the mask mandate in Texas, even as health officials warn not to ease safety restrictions. #CNN #News
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Three promising signs in fight against coronavirus
A single dose Covid-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, hospitalizations are down and a new estimate shows that deaths from Covid-19 are slowing are some positive signs in the battle against the pandemic. #TheLead #CNN #JakeTapper
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Fauci: This has been my lowest point during Covid-19 pandemic
Dr. Anthony Fauci reveals what he considers to be his lowest point in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic. #Fauci #CNN #NewDay
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NY Gov. Cuomo defends delayed release of nursing home data
Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo defended his administration's decision to delay releasing data on Covid-19 deaths in long-term care facilities as state lawmakers say they are considering repealing the governor's emergency powers. Cuomo said the Department of Health had "paused" the state lawmakers' request for the data because they prioritized a related inquiry from the Department of Justice. He said both chambers of the state Legislature were told about this at the time. In addition, he said the Department of Health had largely put data requests on the back burner and prioritized dealing with the immediate pandemic crisis, which he acknowledged created a "void" of facts that allowed misinformation to creep in. "In retrospect, should we have given more priority to fulfilling information requests? In my opinion, yes, and I think that's what created the void. But do I understand the pressure everyone was under? Yes," he said. Cuomo's press conference comes days after his top aide Melissa DeRosa admitted in a call with state lawmakers that the administration tried to delay the release of the data, wary of a federal Justice Department preliminary inquiry. #CNN #News
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Homegrown coronavirus variants: What you need to know
CNN's senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen reports on a batch of similar troubling mutations in coronavirus samples circulating in the United States. They've not only drawn attention to them; they've come up with a better shorthand for referring to them. They've named them after birds. The mutations all affect the same stretch of the spike protein -- the knob-like extension on the outside of the virus that it uses to dock onto the cells it infects, the researchers wrote in a pre-print report. It's not peer reviewed yet, but researchers are rushing such findings online to share them quickly with other experts. The genetic stretch that is mutated, or changed, is called 677. The various changes are so similar that the researchers think evolution favors these particular variants. And it's in a troubling place, said Vaughn Cooper, director of the Center for Evolutionary Biology and Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, who worked on the study. "This stretch of Spike is important because of its proximity to a region key for virulence," Cooper told CNN via email. #ElizabethCohen #CNN #News
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NY GOP want Gov. Cuomo impeached over alleged Covid-19 cover-up
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing calls for an investigation and even impeachment after a top aide said the administration delayed the release of data on Covid-19 deaths of long-term care facility residents because of concerns about a potential federal investigation. CNN's Athena Jones reports. #AndrewCuomo #CNN #News
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CNNi: WHO investigator reveals what he found in Wuhan, China
Dr. Peter Dazak, one of the World Health Organization investigators looking into the origin of the Covid-19 coronavirus, talks to CNN's Becky Anderson about the team's findings. #ConnectTheWorld #CNNInternational #News
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Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Covid-19 antibodies from infection may not be effective against variant
CNN's Anderson Cooper, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Dr. Leana Wen discuss vaccines and the coronavirus variants in the US and around the world. #CNN #News
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Dr. Fauci: There is light at the end of the tunnel, but it's up to us
Dr. Anthony Fauci and CNN's Wolf Blitzer discuss the latest on the coronavirus pandemic and facing the challenges of vaccine distribution as variants spread across the country. #CNN #News
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NY Gov. Cuomo accused of undercounting Covid-19 nursing home deaths
CNN's Brianna Keilar looks into the allegations that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration undercounted Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes as Cuomo was telling the public that New York's nursing home death toll was lower than most states. #BriannaKeilar #CNN #News
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Biden: Health care orders undo the damage Trump has done
President Joe Biden is reopening enrollment on the federal Affordable Care Act exchanges as part of two health care executive actions that he signed Thursday, taking a step to help uninsured Americans that former President Donald Trump rejected. It's Biden's first move toward delivering on his campaign promise to bolster the landmark health reform law that he championed as vice president. And it comes as more Americans could be facing the loss of coverage because of the pandemic-fueled economic downturn. "Today, I'm about to sign two executive orders that basically, the best way to describe them, to undo the damage Trump has done," Biden said. "There's nothing new that we are doing here other than restoring the Affordable Care Act and restoring Medicaid to the way it was before Trump became president." Open enrollment on the federal exchanges, which the Trump administration cut in half to six weeks, ended on December 15. But Biden has the power to reopen sign-ups, which will allow the uninsured to select policies under a special enrollment period. Biden's order calls on the Department of Health and Human Services to reopen enrollment on, which serves 36 states, to those who need coverage from February 15 until May 15. The agency is expected to do so on Thursday, according to a White House official. "As we continue to battle Covid-19, it's even more critical that Americans have meaningful access to health care," Biden said. #Biden #CNN #News
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Tips to keep your brain healthy from Dr. Sanjay Gupta
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses some ways you can keep your brain healthy and stave off rot - especially during a traumatic time like the Covid-19 pandemic. #DrSanjayGupta #NewDay #CNN
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Biden receives second dose of vaccine, urges mask wearing
Joe Biden received the second dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine on camera, as part of an effort by the President-elect's incoming administration to reassure the country of the safety of the vaccines. The President-elect emphasized the importance of wearing masks, social distancing and washing hands to help control the coronavirus pandemic after he took his second does of the vaccine. #Biden #CNN #News
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King: We thought these Covid-19 numbers were bad. Look at this
CNN's John King breaks down the latest numbers in the coronavirus pandemic in the US, where cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are continuing to grow across the country. #CNN #News
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SE Cupp: We can't let the anti-vaxxers win
SE Cupp discusses the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine and the potential hurdles that a rise in anti-science rhetoric and politics present with Dr. Kent Sepkowitz, Deputy Physician in Chief of Memorial Sloan Kettering, and with Tom Nichols, author of the forthcoming "Our Own Worst Enemy." #SECupp #CNN #News
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'Nothing has gone wrong': Slaoui defends Covid-19 vaccine rollout
Moncef Slaoui, the head of the US government's effort to develop a vaccine against Covid-19, says that nothing has gone wrong with the US coronavirus rollout despite saying he expected that 20 million Americans would be immunized by the end of 2020. 4.2 million Americans have been vaccinated in the US thus far. #OperationWarpSpeed #CNN #News
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Virologist: UK-approved Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine is a ‘ray of hope’
UK regulators have approved the use of the Oxford University/AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, which is cheaper and easier to distribute than some alternatives and could in time offer a route out of the pandemic for large parts of the world. CNN’s Isa Soares speaks with Lawrence Young, a virologist and professor of molecular oncology at the University of Warwick. #CNN #News
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Dr. Fauci: 'Below where we want to be' on Covid-19 vaccinations
CNN's Jim Sciutto speaks to Dr. Anthony Fauci about the growing coronavirus pandemic, where Fauci says January may be even worse than December. #CNN #News
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Staff at nursing home of coronavirus outbreak receive vaccine
CNN's Sara Sidner returns to the nursing home in Kirkland, Washington that was the epicenter of the first Covid-19 outbreak in the west, to speak with staffers who received the coronavirus vaccine. #CNN #News
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British man becomes viral sensation after interview with CNN
CNN's Cyril Vanier catches up with 91-year-old Martin Kenyon, who became an overnight sensation after speaking to CNN when he took his first dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine at Guys Hospital in London. #CNN #News
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See what Dr. Fauci had to say right before receiving vaccine
Dr. Anthony Fauci, HHS Secretary Alex Azar and NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins receive their Covid-19 vaccines along with several frontline workers. #CNN #News
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New coronavirus variant linked to surge in United Kingdom
The United Kingdom has identified a new, potentially more contagious coronavirus variant linked to a recent surge in cases in England. The new variant is being called VUI-202012/01 -- the first "Variant Under Investigation" in the UK in December 2020. While scientists hunt for more information about the variant, its impact is already being felt. Multiple countries have now imposed restrictions on travelers from the UK. British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said Sunday that the variant was "out of control" and Prime Minister Boris Johnson chaired an emergency meeting Monday as his government tried to manage the fallout. #CNN #News
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African American vaccine hesitancy comes from historical place
US Surgeon General Jerome Adams says a 1932 government study helps explain why so many people in the African American community may have Covid-19 vaccine. Adams and Dr. Anthony Fauci discuss the issue with CNN's Don Lemon and Dr. Sanjay Gupta. #CNNTownHall #CNN #News
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Giroir: Here's what we know about the new coronavirus variant
Admiral Brett Giroir, US Health and Human Services assistant secretary, shares what he knows about a new coronavirus variant that has been discovered in the United Kingdom. #CNN #News
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Kids ask Dr. Fauci when they can hug grandma again
During CNN's Sesame Street ABC's of Covid-19 town hall, kids sent in questions to Dr. Anthony Fauci asking when they could hug family members again and when they will be able to get the coronavirus vaccination. #SesameStreetTownHall #CNN #ABCsOfCovid
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