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Doctor: This is what happens when science is muzzled
Dr. Ashish Jha, dean at Brown University School of Public Health, participated in a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing that focused on the merits of hydroxychloroquine. Jha tells CNN's Erin Burnett what went through his mind when the hearing became personal. #CNN #News
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Exclusive: Dr. Birx speaks with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta
White House task force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx sits down with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta for an exclusive interview as coronavirus cases continue to rise in the US. #CNN #News
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Nurse: We pray 'not another one' while hospital fills up
Hospitalizations are reaching record highs with ICU units being pushed to capacity as a second coronavirus wave hits across the country. CNN's Omar Jimenez takes an exclusive look inside hospitals in Odessa, Texas, as they become overwhelmed with patients. #CNN #News
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Doctor's Facebook profile reported as fake after sharing his Covid-19 story
Dr. David Burkard, a 28-year-old emergency room physician, shares a cautionary tale after his battle with Covid-19 left him struggling to breathe. CNN's Sara Sidner has the details. #CNN #News
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New York City schools close as coronavirus cases climb
New York City is closing down public schools after the city's seven-day average reached the 3% positive testing rate threshold. All students will transition to remote learning. CNN's Bianna Golodryga has more. #CNN #News
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ICU nurse describes the change she felt after talking to Joe Biden
Minnesota Nurses Association President, Mary Turner, says speaking to President-elect Joe Biden made her feel heard for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began. #CNN #News
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'Can you believe that?': See Gupta's stunning Covid-19 chart
Dr. Sanjay Gupta shows that Covid-19 deaths in North Dakota and South Dakota have now surpassed South Korea despite a substantially smaller population. #CNN #News
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Keilar: Senator sounds like kid who doesn't want to eat his vegetables
The partisan kerfuffle over face mask use in the windowless Senate chamber is taking on new meaning now that Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) announced he tested positive for coronavirus. CNN's Brianna Keilar explains how the Senate floor serves as a "cautionary tale." #CNN #News
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Hear Chris Cuomo's fiery message to Dr. Scott Atlas
CNN's Chris Cuomo criticizes Dr. Scott Atlas, President Trump's coronavirus adviser, for telling people to "rise up" against coronavirus safety measures. #CNN #News
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Blitzer presses Azar: Where is President Trump right now?
CNN's Wolf Blitzer asks HHS Secretary Alex Azar what Trump is doing to combat Covid-19 as the record number of coronavirus cases in the US and CDC's latest projection of 282,000 deaths by December 5, 2020. #Covid #CNN #News
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Tapper: Trump nowhere to be found as Covid-19 worsens
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Jake Tapper discuss the worsening coronavirus situation in the US and President Donald Trump's reaction to it. #Tapper #Gupta #CNN #News
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Dr. Fauci: Help is on the way to fight Covid-19
CNN's Wolf Blitzer talks to Dr. Anthony Fauci about the state of the coronavirus pandemic in the US as the number of cases keeps climbing to record levels. #Fauci #CNN #News
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Pfizer CEO says Covid-19 vaccine news is a ‘game changer’
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta spoke with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla about the latest data on the company's coronavirus vaccine. #CNN #News
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Covid-19 model predicts deaths may triple by mid-January
The US topped a record 9 million confirmed coronavirus cases, and surpassing 229,000 deaths, days away from the 2020 presidential election. CNN's Nick Watt reports 1 million of the confirmed cases were added in two weeks' time. #CNN #News
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'A slap in the face': Keilar slams Trump Jr. for false claim
CNN's Brianna Keilar fact checks Donald Trump Jr. after he falsely claimed on Fox News that coronavirus deaths in the US are "almost nothing." #BriannaKeilar #CNN #News
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What Comes Next: How does the US move forward from the Covid-19 crisis?
In the first installment of SE Cupp’s "What Comes Next?" series, she sits down with experts Leana Wen, Julian Zelizer and Tom Nichols to discuss how the US should move forward with the pandemic. This week, we ask the question: What comes next for America and Covid-19? Regardless of who is elected in November, we will still be in the midst of a pandemic and facing multiple challenges in addressing it. Two former public officials -- Sylvia Mathews Burwell and Frances Fragos Townsend -- come together to tell us what should be done. #SECupp #CNN #News
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Dr. Fauci responds to President Trump's latest attack
CNN's Erin Burnett asked Dr. Anthony Fauci if President Donald Trump was trying to get him to quit by attempting to disparage him, calling him a Democrat to supporters. #CNN #News
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Alex Azar clashes with Jim Sciutto over pandemic response
Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar said Americans need to realize the gravity of the novel coronavirus pandemic ahead of the colder months as reported cases and hospitalizations have spiked across the country. #CNN #News
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Covid-19 task force members contradict Trump
CNN's Brianna Keilar reports on the many coronavirus task force members stepping forward to contradict President Trump on the Covid-19 response. #CNN #News
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She lost her husband to Covid-19. Hear her tough words for Trump
Alice Roberts shares her thoughts on President Trump and reveals she has spoken with presidential candidate Joe Biden following the death of her husband from coronavirus. #CNN #News
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Two teens are tackling Covid-19 through science and innovation
As scientists around the world race to find a treatment for the coronavirus, two teenagers among them stand out. 14-year-old Anika Chebrolu and 18-year-old Taft Foley spoke with CNN’s Chris Cuomo about the work they’ve done with treatment and testing for Covid-19. #CNN #News
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Trump couldn't say if he got Covid test on debate day
President Donald Trump admitted that he may not have taken a coronavirus test on the day of his debate with Joe Biden, even though he was required to do so by the Commission on Presidential Debates and tested positive for Covid-19 two days later. He refused to say when his last negative test was before the debate and did not express any regret for the Rose Garden event that is now widely viewed as a "super-spreader" event, where attendees were not socially distanced and did not wear masks. #Trump #USElections #CNN #News
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Your questions on Covid-19 answered by WHO chief scientist
The WHO’s Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan speaks to CNN's Becky Anderson to answer your questions on Covid-19. #CNN #CNNI #News
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Ex-vaccine director: President is giving a very mixed message right now
Rick Bright, the ousted director of the office involved in developing a coronavirus vaccine, explains to CNN's Jake Tapper why he is speaking out against the Trump administration. #CNN #News
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‘It’s like a dagger in the heart’: Nick Cordero’s widow reacts to Trump’s tweet on Covid-19
Amanda Kloots, whose husband Nick Cordero died due to complications from coronavirus, tells CNN’s Chris Cuomo how she felt about President Donald Trump downplaying the effects of coronavirus. #CNN #News
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