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Wildfires tear through one of the coldest places on earth
Wildfires have razed hundreds of thousands of hectares in Russia's Siberia amid a combination of abnormally warm weather and droughts. CNN's Kim Brunhuber reports. #CNNI #CNN #News
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See huge flood devastation in Germany and Belgium
Catastrophic flooding killed 195 people in Germany and Belgium as residents in badly affected areas were overwhelmed by the speed and ferociousness with which the water came. CNN’s Sam Kiley reports from Germany. #CNN #News
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Heaviest rainfall in a century devastates parts of Western Europe
About 1,300 people remain unaccounted for in Germany after the heaviest rainfall in a century caused deadly flash floods to devastate parts of Western Europe, prompting a large-scale rescue effort. CNN's Nina Dos Santos reports. #CNN #CNNI #News
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South African cities left gutted by unprecedented looting and violence
CNN's David McKenzie reports from Soweto, South Africa, on the devastating aftereffects of looting and protests that took place in parts of the country. Protests erupted last week as former South African President Jacob Zuma, 79, turned himself in to authorities to serve a 15-month jail term for contempt of court. At least 72 have died in some of the worst violence the country has seen in years. #DavidMcKenzie #CNNInternational #Newsroom
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Video shows 22 Afghan commandos executed by the Taliban
CNN's Anna Coren reports from Kabul, Afghanistan, with new evidence of atrocities committed by the Taliban. Video has emerged of Afghan commandos being shot dead after an apparent surrender. The Taliban rejects the video, saying it is fabricated. This is an updated version of previously uploaded video. #AnnaCoren #CNNInternational
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Video shows wild chase following assassination of Haiti's President
The plot to kill Haiti's President allegedly spanned multiple countries and involved highly experienced former military officers and months of planning, according to local officials. Yet the primary suspects in the case appear to have been unprepared for their fierce pursuit by Haitian security forces. CNN has obtained exclusive information about the hunt for the killers of Jovenel Moise, a banana exporter-turned-politician who was killed in a hail of gunfire in the bedroom of his private residence in the leafy Port-au-Prince district of Petion-Ville at around 1 a.m. last Wednesday, according to government statements. The Haitian President's body was found riddled with bullet holes, according to a local official tasked with documenting the crime scene, who also said Moise had suffered a broken leg and serious facial injuries. Multiple government officials described the injuries to CNN as signs of torture. Moise's wife, Martine, was wounded. She is being treated in a Miami hospital. "In the blink of an eye, the mercenaries ran into my house and killed my husband," Haiti's first lady said in an audio recording released over the weekend. CNN cannot independently confirm the authenticity of the recording. But despite the abundance of bullet holes documented inside the President's home, not one member of the President's security detail or residential staff was hurt, according to authorities. CNN's Matt Rivers reports. #MattRivers #CNN #News
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Thousands demand freedom in Cuba's largest demonstration in decades
Thousands have gathered in Cuba to protest a lack of freedom and the country's worsening economic situation in the largest mass demonstration in decades. CNN's Patrick Oppmann reports from Havana. #CNN #News
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Private video
This video is private.
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Euros 2020: Italy's thrilling victory is a crushing blow for England
Italy has snatched their first major title in 15 years with a penalty shootout win over England in the Euros 2020 final. As Italian fans celebrate the thrilling victory, English fans are crushed by the close defeat. CNN's Alex Thomas, Barbie Nadeau and Salma Abdelaziz report. #CNN #News #CNNi
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As World Cup approaches, Qatar hits back at allegations of abuse
Qatar's stadiums for the 2022 World Cup speak to its future ambitions on the world stage. Yet each, also, captures and embodies the problems and criticisms that swirl around this World Cup — notably the allegations of the human cost of massive building project. #CNN #News
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Rare look at the rebels fighting against Myanmar's military
CNN's Sam Kiley gets a rare glimpse inside a Myanmar rebel camp, where volunteers are training to fight the country's military junta who seized power after a coup earlier this year. #SamKiley #CNN #ErinBurnettOutFront
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Fans banned from Olympic venues in Tokyo due to coronavirus concerns
Tokyo venues for the pandemic-delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympics will not have spectators due to the city's coronavirus state of emergency through the Games, according to the Japanese Olympic Committee. The announcement was made following a meeting of five Olympic and Japanese government groups responsible for the Games. Japanese Olympic Committee Seiko Hashimoto said due to the pandemic, organizers have "no choice but to hold the Games in a limited way." According to an IOC spokesman, it's unprecedented for a host city's venues not to have spectators. There are total 42 venues listed on the Tokyo 2020 website. Twenty-five are in Tokyo and the rest are in seven other prefectures. However, three prefectures near Tokyo -- Chiba, Kanagawa and Saitama -- will not have spectators at Olympic competition venues, according to Hashimoto. Miyagi, Fukushima, and Shizuoka prefectures have decided that venues can be filled to 50% of capacity with a maximum of 10,000 spectators, added Hashimoto. #SelinaWang #CNNinternational #ConnectTheWorld
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Rising anti-Semitism in Europe blamed on lockdowns
Hateful attacks on Jews and their religion have been increasing in Europe for years, but pandemic restrictions and the recent violence between Israel and Hamas have led to an upsurge. CNN's Melissa Bell reports. #CNN #News #CNNi
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Outrage at EU country’s homosexuality education bill
Hungary's parliament passed legislation which bans all educational materials and programs for children which are considered to promote homosexuality, gender reassignment and the concept of sexuality deviating from the one assigned to a person at birth. The move prompted intense criticism from human rights groups and opposition parties. CNN’s Isa Soares reports and Lynda Kinkade speaks with Klara Dobrev, a Hungarian politician and European Union Parliament Vice-President. #CNN #News
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New video of Ethiopia massacre shows soldiers documenting executions
A CNN investigation in April 2021, in collaboration with Amnesty International, exposed the horror of a massacre perpetrated by Ethiopian soldiers in Mahibere Dego in the mountains of Ethiopia's Tigray region, where government troops are battling regional forces. CNN has obtained and verified new images, confirming not only the identity of the victims but also the army unit of the perpetrators. CNN's Nima Elbagir reports. Read the full story: #CNNI #CNN #News
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US carries out airstrikes on Iran-backed facilities
President Joe Biden directed military forces to conduct defensive precision airstrikes against facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups in the Iraq-Syria border region on Sunday evening, according to a news release from the Department of Defense. CNN's Barbara Starr and Arwa Damon discuss the development. #CNN #News
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Taliban show off heavy weapons captured from Afghan army
One by one, the Taliban has been taking over areas in a number of provinces in northern Afghanistan in recent weeks, local officials told CNN. The Taliban says it has taken control of 90 districts across the country since the middle of May. Some were seized without a single shot fired. CNN's Nic Robertson reports and Becky Anderson speaks with Lina AbiRafeh, Executive Director of the Arab Institute for Women at the Lebanese American University. #CNN #News
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Pro-democracy newspaper falls victim to China's security law
One year was all it took for a Beijing-imposed National Security Law to take down Hong Kong's largest and loudest pro-democracy newspaper. Next Media announced Wednesday that Apple Daily, its flagship tabloid, would publish its final copy Thursday due to an untenable environment in which its journalists had been arrested and millions of dollars in assets had been frozen. Its digital platform will cease operations on the same day, the company said in a statement. CNN's Ivan Watson was inside the newspaper's offices shortly after the decision was made. The news sent a deep chill through Hong Kong's media industry and undermined government claims the new legislation would not diminish press freedom. Last year, China's ruling Communist Party moved to bring Hong Kong in line with its authoritarian rule by bypassing the city's legislature to implement the security law. It punishes anything the authorities deem to be subversion, secession, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces with up to life in prison. While city leader Carrie Lam said back then that press freedoms would still be protected, Apple Daily staffers say they knew it was only a matter of time before they were targeted. #IvanWatson #CNNinternational #QuestMeansBusiness
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CNN asked Iran's President-Elect about nuclear deal. Hear his reply
Iranian President-Elect Ebrahim Raisi said in his first news conference that the United States violated the 2015 nuclear agreement, known as the JCPOA, and called on President Joe Biden to return to the agreement. Answering a question by CNN's Frederik Pleitgen in Tehran, Raisi called on Biden to lift all sanctions before adding that Iran's ballistic missile program "is not up for negotiation." #CNN #News
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See Chinese rocket launch to send astronauts to its space station
China successfully launched three astronauts into space, bringing the country one step closer to completing its new space station. CNN's David Culver reports and Becky Anderson speaks with Rick Larsen, co-chair of the bipartisan US-China Working Group. #CNN #News
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See how Putin responded to CNN reporter's questions after summit
Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to CNN's Matthew Chance on a series of questions including his relations with President Biden, cyberattacks and jailed opposition critic Alexey Navalny. #CNN #News #CNNi
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Biden and Putin shake hands as summit begins in Geneva
President Joe Biden convenes the highest-stakes talks of his long career when he joins Russia's Vladimir Putin for a summit, an encounter set to test his decades of experience on the world stage and lay down an early marker of his diplomatic skills. #CNN #News
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CNN's Christiane Amanpour shares ovarian cancer diagnosis
CNN's chief international anchor Christiane Amanpour revealed to viewers that she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Amanpour, 63, is one of the best-known journalists in the world. She has been off the air for the past four weeks due to the undergoing surgery. #CNN #News
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Russian mercenaries accused of atrocities in the Central African Republic
CNN has uncovered disturbing evidence of human rights atrocities by Russian mercenaries in the Central African Republic. CNN's Clarissa Ward and her team were denied entry to the country because of CNN's previous reporting on the activities of the mercenaries. But working with local journalists and an independent investigative group The Sentry, CNN has assembled evidence of a pattern of abuses, which one UN expert says may amount to war crimes. #CNN #News #CNNi
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Queen Elizabeth II greets the Bidens at Windsor Castle
Queen Elizabeth II greeted President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden at Windsor Castle ahead of their meeting. #CNN #News
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