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Shocking images emerge from Myanmar as military cracks down
Myanmar's military junta is believed to have killed more than 54 people since countrywide protests began after the February 1 coup. CNN's Paula Hancocks reports. #CNN #News
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Beijing’s plans for Hong Kong could end city’s opposition
Members of China's political elite preparing for an annual summit in Beijing have their sights set on Hong Kong. At the opening of the two sessions -- the twin meetings of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Committee (CPPCC) and the National People's Congress (NPC) -- Thursday, Zhang Yesui, the NPC spokesman, said recent unrest in Hong Kong "showed that the electoral system needs to be improved" in order to ensure "patriots govern." Speaking March 5, Wang Chen, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, said changes would affect both the Legislative Council, Hong Kong's already only semi-democratic parliament, and how the city chooses its chief executive. The Election Committee, a Beijing-dominated body which currently chooses Hong Kong's leader, will be expanded, likely diluting the influence of any pro-democracy members, and will also be given the power to nominate all candidates for the legislature, as well as "electing a relatively large share of Legislative Council members," Wang said. #CNN #News
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Germany's AfD is first party since Nazi era to be monitored
Germany's BfV domestic intelligence service has formally placed the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) under surveillance on suspicion of trying to undermine Germany's democratic constitution, a person briefed on the move said. Four years after becoming the first avowedly anti-immigrant party to enter the German parliament, the AfD now becomes the first party to be monitored in this way since the Nazi era ended in 1945. #CNN #News
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Netanyahu blasts ICC probe into alleged war crimes by Israel
The chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced plans for a formal investigation into alleged war crimes by Israel in the Palestinian territories, prompting an angry response from Israeli leaders. Alleged war crimes by Palestinian militant groups like Hamas will also be investigated. The investigation will look at events in the territories from June 13, 2014 onwards. #CNN #News
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Pope Francis to visit Iraq's minority Christian community
Pope Francis' four-day, six-city tour of Iraq will be limited to a handful of small gatherings and visits to sites linked to the Bible. The vast majority of Iraq's Christians will watch the tour -- the first by a pontiff to Iraq -- on television. A complete curfew is being imposed for the duration of the trip. These stringent measures have been taken to mitigate the risks of the visit, which is considered Pope Francis' most dangerous trip so far, both because of a nationwide spike in coronavirus cases and because of an uptick in violence in the war-ravaged country. #CNN #News
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Renowned artist Damien Hirst shares funny story about fame
In an interview with CNN's Becky Anderson, artist Damien Hirst talked about his art career and what it was like becoming a household name. #CNN #News
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US finds Russia poisoned Navalny, joins EU in sanctions
The Biden administration imposed a raft of sanctions on Russian officials and entities in response to the poisoning and imprisonment of opposition leader Alexey Navalny. The actions -- taken in coordination with the European Union, which also unveiled sanctions -- represent the first significant move against Moscow since Joe Biden became President. The Treasury Department sanctioned seven senior Russian government officials: two of President Vladimir Putin's deputy chiefs of staff, two Russian defense ministers, the Russian prosecutor general, the director of the Federal Penitentiary Service and the head of Russia's security services, the FSB. In addition, the State Department sanctioned the FSB as an entity, a designation that department spokesperson Ned Price said "speaks to where we believe culpability lies." #CNN #News
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Violence in Arab-Israeli towns intensifies
Arab-Israeli leaders are calling for greater involvement from police and Israeli intelligence service Shin Bet to combat a wave of violent crime that's hit Arab-Israeli towns and cities. CNN's Sam Kiley reports. #CNN #News
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Released Nigerian schoolgirl recounts harrowing kidnapping
Hundreds of schoolgirls were released on March 2nd after being abducted in the early hours of February 26th when armed men raided a state-run school in Zamfara State, northwest Nigeria, a government official has told CNN. CNN's Stephanie Busari reports. #CNN #News
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Cuba aims to produce its own Covid-19 vaccine
Cuba is attempting to make its own Covid-19 vaccine. CNN's Patrick Oppmann speaks to some of the scientists working on the potential breakthrough. #CNN #News #CNNi
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Former French president sentenced to prison
A French court sentenced former President Nicolas Sarkozy to three years in prison for corruption and influence peddling, but suspended two years of the sentence. He was found guilty of trying to illegally obtain information from a senior magistrate in 2014 about an ongoing investigation into his campaign finances. CNN's John Vause discusses the sentencing with European Affairs Commentator Dominic Thomas. #CNN #News
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UN Special Envoy on Myanmar reacts after military provokes protesters
UN Special Envoy on Myanmar, Christine Schraner Burgener, says the junta has a clear textbook for staying in power as she urges protesters not to fall into its trap. #CNN #News
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See the journey that migrants face on their way to the US
The US has seen a significant spike in migrants fleeing their native countries and making their way to the US, hoping to have a better chance of getting in with a new administration in charge. CNN's Matt Rivers spoke to some of them. #CNN #News
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Man-made famine set to overrun Yemen, United Nations warns
The United Nations is warning that the situation in Yemen is so bad that it is on the verge of sliding into a famine not see anywhere in the world in decades. #ConnectTheWorld #CNNInternational #BeckyAnderson
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Pro-democracy protests in Asia face fierce crackdowns
Pro-democracy protests in Myanmar, Thailand, and Hong Kong face increasingly fierce crackdowns from authorities. CNN’s Ivan Watson and Will Ripley report. #CNN #News
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US intel: Saudi Crown Prince approved Khashoggi operation
The US intelligence report on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi says that Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman approved the operation to capture or kill the Saudi journalist. "We assess that Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman approved an operation in Istanbul, Turkey to capture or kill Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi," the report's executive summary states. "We base this assessment on the Crown Prince's control of decision-making in the Kingdom, the direct involvement of a key adviser and members of Muhammad bin Salman's protective detail in the operation, and the Crown Prince's support for using violent measures to silence dissidents abroad, including Khashoggi," the report says. The Biden administration provided the long-awaited declassified intelligence report to Congress ahead of its public release. #CNNInternational #News
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Gunmen abduct over 300 schoolgirls in Nigeria. Hear this mother's reaction
Gunmen abducted hundreds of schoolgirls and killed one police officer during a raid on a state-run school in Zamfara State, north-west Nigeria, a government official told CNN. About 500 students are normally at the boarding school, of whom around 315 were taken by the gunmen. #CNN #News
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Biden orders airstrikes on Iranian-backed militias in Syria
The US military struck a site in Syria used by two Iranian-backed militia groups in response to rocket attacks on American forces in the region in the past two weeks. "Up to a handful" of militants were killed in the strikes, a US official told CNN. The strikes, which mark the US military's first known action under President Joe Biden, swiftly drew criticism from a Democratic lawmaker. The site was not specifically tied to the rocket attacks but Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said he was "confident" it was used by the same Iranian-backed Shia militias that had fired rockets at US and coalition forces. #CNN #News
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US negotiator in 2015 Iran nuclear deal speaks to CNN
CNN’s Becky Anderson speaks with former US Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz about the deal the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) struck with Iran that will give inspectors continued access to verify and monitor nuclear activity in the country for the next three months, potentially laying the ground work for Washington and Tehran to kick-start nuclear talks. #CNN #News
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Her sister was shot in the head in Myanmar. Hear her message
In a CNN exclusive interview, Paula Hancocks speaks with the sister of Mya Thwe Thwe Khine, a protester who died after a fatal shot to the head during the anti-coup protests in Myanmar. #CNN #News
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Rare ICU access shows how Iraq is handling coronavirus
A second wave of Covid-19 is dealing a heavy blow to Iraq as the government stands helpless in the face of the crisis. CNN's Arwa Damon gets a rare look inside an ICU of a Baghdad hospital that saw its patient numbers triple in the last two weeks. #CNN #News
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How Boris Johnson’s plan to reopen England will work
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his roadmap for taking England out of a national lockdown that has been in place since January 4. CNN’s Isa Soares reports. #CNN #News
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Nat Sec Adviser on massive hack: We're looking beyond sanctions
CNN's Christiane Amanpour talks to US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan about the SolarWinds hack. Sullivan says that Biden's White House is considering a range of responses to the suspected Russian spying campaign, not just sanctions. #CNN #News
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Lina al-Hathloul: 'Most Saudis know MBS not a reformer'
Lina al-Hathloul, sister of Saudi women's rights activist, Loujain al-Hathloul, talks to Christiane Amanpour about her sister's release from prison and says in Saudi Arabia, "activism is considered terrorism" #CNN #News
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