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Hear former CNN reporter’s plea to Facebook after winning Nobel Prize
Former CNN journalist and Rappler CEO Maria Ressa speaks with CNN's Becky Anderson after Ressa and Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov won the Nobel Peace Prize for their longstanding efforts to safeguard freedom of expression in the Philippines and Russia, respectively. #CNN #News
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Queen Elizabeth II cancels trip after doctors advise that she rest
Queen Elizabeth II is resting at Windsor Castle after "reluctantly" accepting medical advice to cancel a trip to Northern Ireland, Buckingham Palace has said. The 95-year-old UK monarch has been advised to rest for the "next few days," the palace said in a statement. A source close to the palace told CNN that it is "not Covid related." #CNN #News
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China reportedly tests a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile
Experts are concerned about China's military capabilities after a report that the country recently tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile. CNN's Brian Todd has more. #CNN #News #CNNi
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'No one is safe': Haitians react after 17 missionaries kidnapped
CNN's Matt Rivers examines the last moves of the missionary group that was kidnapped in Haiti, reportedly by the 400 Mawozo gang - a dangerous and well-known group. #CNN #News
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17 missionaries, mostly American, kidnapped by gang in Haiti
CNN’s Kate Bolduan talks to former Prime Minister of Haiti Laurent Lamothe about the recent abduction of 16 American missionaries, and one Canadian missionary, by a powerful gang. #CNN #News
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China sends warning to US in military training propaganda video
Tensions are growing between Taiwan and China. After Beijing staged a record number of warplane incursions into Taiwan's defense zone, Chinese state media released footage of its military training in a warning to what they call 'Taiwan independence.' CNN's Will Ripley talks to citizen on the streets of Taipei about their feelings toward Beijing's growing threat. #CNN #News #CNNi
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Deadly protest erupts into Lebanon's worst violence in a decade
At least six people in Beirut, Lebanon were killed when gunfire broke out at a protest called by Hezbollah. Fierce gun battles were ongoing for hours in the worst violence the Lebanese capital has witnessed in more than a decade. #CNN #News
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Kim Jong Un vows to build North Korea's 'invincible' military
CNN's Brian Todd looks at a recent weapons display put on by North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un that has analysts and experts concerned. Source: CNN #CNN #News
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Exclusive: China to test blood samples that could reveal Covid-19 origins
China is preparing to test thousands of blood samples from the city of Wuhan as part of the probe into the origins of Covid-19, but as CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reports, the World Health Organization and other foreign experts will not be allowed to analyze the data independently. #CNN #News
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China’s military hold drills near Taiwan. Biden is stuck in a hard place
Democratically ruled Taiwan is facing growing military and political pressure from Beijing to accept the rule of China. Recently China made mass air force incursions into Taiwan's air defense identification zone. CNN's Will Ripley looks at the state of tensions between mainland China and Taiwan and where the Biden administration fits in. #CNN #News #CNNi
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The Taliban have Afghanistan’s justice system in their hands. CNN takes an inside look
In the central Afghan city of Ghazni, the Taliban are keen to show they have changed. But as CNN's Clarissa Ward reports from the ground, brutality is still being seen in the Taliban's way of justice in Afghanistan. #CNN #News #CNNi
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Sydney residents celebrate 'freedom day' after 100 days of lockdown
Australia's biggest city Sydney has emerged from 100 days of Covid-19 lockdown. Fully vaccinated residents can now go to pubs, gyms, restaurants and shops. The city of more than five million people have been in strict lockdowns since June. CNN's Angus Watson reports. #CNN #News #CNNi
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Blocks of lava as large as buildings roll from volcano
Blocks of lava as large as three-story buildings have rolled down the hillside of the island of La Palma in Spain's Canary Islands. The lava has been flowing for more than three weeks, and tremors are still being felt in the area. CNN's Robin Curnow speaks with Ben Ireland who was on the ground when the volcano first erupted. #CNN #News #CNNi
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Inside look at women living under Taliban rule in Kabul
CNN's Clarissa Ward reports on the different everyday small acts of defiance some women are taking in Kabul as the Taliban continues to push women out of civic life. #CNN #News #CNNi
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Climate change made these women question whether or not to have children
People around the world are factoring the climate crisis into their reproductive decisions. Britt Wray and Jade Sasser sit down for an intimate conversation about how their personal experiences with climate change impact how their families look today. #CNN #News
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China is sending warplanes near Taiwan. What do they hope to gain?
This week China sent a record number of warplanes into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone as tensions continue to rise in the region. National security expert and Associate Professor at University of Texas Austin, Sheena Greitens, explains to CNN’s Bianna Golodryga why China is taking an increasingly aggressive approach toward Taiwan. #CNN #News #CNNi
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The woman keeping her language alive, one pupil at a time
Deaf Hawaiians once had their own language: Hawaii Sign Language (HSL). A small group led by Linda Yuen Lambrecht, 76, is trying to revive it. For HSL's last remaining users, it's a race against time. #CNN #News
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Ethiopia used airlines to transport weapons during Tigray conflict
A new CNN investigation has discovered the Ethiopian government used flagship airlines to transport weapons during war with Tigray. CNN’s Nima Elbagir reports. Read the full report: #CNN #News #CNNi
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Ex-Trump Russia adviser: Facebook is a bigger threat than Putin
Fiona Hill, former top White House adviser on Russia and a key witness in the first impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, discusses how Russia has exploited social media platforms including Facebook. #CNN #News
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Chinese whistleblower exposes torture of Uyghur prisoners in CNN interview
For nearly three years, CNN has been investigating allegations of gross human rights violations and a modern-day system of internment camps in China's Xinjiang region. China denies accusations from the US State Department that Beijing detained up to two million ethnic Uyghurs and members of other minorities in internment camps. For the first time, CNN has interviewed a former member of the Chinese security forces, who says he was ordered to routinely arrest and torture Uyghur detainees. A warning to viewers, Ivan Watson's report contains graphic descriptions of violence and sexual assault. Read the full CNN report: #CNN #News #CNNi
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The 11-year-old chess master who fled Boko Haram for glory
Tanitoluwa “Tani” Adewumi is a young chess player with big dreams. Aged 11, he has earned the title of national master and set his sights on the game’s pinnacle, but his journey wasn't easy. #CNN #News
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Sarah Everard murder shines light on global violence against women
CNN’s Bianna Golodryga discusses global violence against women in the wake of the Sarah Everard rape and murder and the need to refocus prevention efforts. #CNN #News
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Ariana Grande visits victims at Manchester hospital
American singer Ariana Grande made a surprise visit with fans injured in last month's terror attack at her concert in Manchester. CNN's Christi Paul has more.
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Why would I do that on CNN?: Belarusian President gets frustrated in interview
Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, often called Europe's last dictator, has refused to apologize for the widespread human rights violations in the country since his disputed re-election last year in an exclusive interview with CNN's Matthew Chance. #CNN #News
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