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President Biden says US will defend Taiwan if China attacks - BBC News
President Joe Biden said the US would defend Taiwan if China attacked, in an apparent departure from a long-held US foreign policy position. But a White House spokesman later told some US media outlets that his remarks did not signify a change in policy. The US has a law which requires it to help Taiwan defend itself. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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The Queen back at Windsor after hospital stay – BBC News
The Queen spent Wednesday night in hospital for preliminary medical checks and is now back at Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace has said. The 95-year-old monarch returned from the private hospital in central London at lunchtime on Thursday and is "in good spirits", the palace added. The Queen had cancelled a visit to Northern Ireland on Wednesday. She was given medical advice to rest for a few days after a busy schedule of public engagements. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews #Royal #Queen
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How Belarus is helping migrants break into the EU - BBC News
Belarus has been accused of taking revenge for EU sanctions by offering migrants tourist visas, and helping them across its border. The BBC has tracked one group trying to reach Germany. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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Alec Baldwin fatally shoots woman with prop gun on movie set - BBC News
A woman has died and a man has been injured after actor Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun on a New Mexico film set for the 19th Century western Rust. Halyna Hutchins, 42, was shot while working on the set as director of photography. She was flown to hospital by helicopter but died of her injuries. Police said they were investigating and that no charges had been filed. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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Poland cries blackmail as row clouds EU summit - BBC News
EU leaders are meeting for a two-day summit in the shadow of a dispute with member state Poland. The EU may impose sanctions on Poland over a ruling by its highest court that some parts of EU law are incompatible with the Polish constitution. EU case law rests on the principle that EU law has supremacy over national laws. The Polish government has been accused of politicising the judiciary. The government alleges EU "blackmail". Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews #pandemic #Covid
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Netflix staff protest against 'transphobic' Dave Chappelle show - BBC News
About 100 people have protested outside Netflix's headquarters over the airing of a comedy special by Dave Chappelle, which they say was transphobic. Netflix staff and transgender activists staged the walkout outside the streaming giant's Los Angeles offices. Demonstrators called on Netflix to fund more trans and non-binary talent, and other measures to avoid "transphobia and hate speech". Ahead of the rally, Netflix issued a statement in support of the activists. A video was also released featuring several Netflix stars, including Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness and The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil, thanking people for taking part in the demonstration. Please subscribe HERE #Netflix #LGBT #BBCNews
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WHO warns pandemic will drag on deep into 2022 - BBC News
The Covid pandemic will "go on for a year longer than it needs to" because poorer countries are not getting the vaccines they need, the World Health Organization (WHO) says. Dr Bruce Aylward, a senior leader at WHO, said it meant the Covid crisis could "easily drag on deep into 2022". Less than 5% of Africa's population have been vaccinated, compared to 40% on most other continents. The UK has delivered more than 10 million vaccines to countries in need. It has pledged a total of 100 million. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews #Coronavirus #Covid
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Riot police deployed in Guatemala after protesters breach Congress - BBC News
Riot police were deployed onto the streets of Guatemala City after a group of army veterans breached the Congress building, forcing staff to evacuate. Lawmakers and office workers were evacuated as the group set cars alight in the car park, and caused damage to the main building. Military veterans have been protesting for several weeks, demanding approval of a law which would give them compensation for time served during Guatemala's long running civil war, dating from 1960-1996. Please subscribe HERE #Guatemala #CentralAmerica #BBCNews
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Can you stop Norway drilling the oil that made it rich? - BBC News
As world leaders prepare for the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow in November, soaring gas prices in Europe have exposed the continent’s deep dependence on fossil fuels. Young climate activists in Norway are asking European judges to stop their government allowing more drilling for oil and gas. It’s one of many similar fights emerging across Europe. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews #COP26
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'Heaviest' kidneys removed in high-risk operation - BBC News
A man who is believed to have had the heaviest kidneys on record has spoken of his determination to get his life back following surgery to remove them. Warren Higgs, 54, from Windsor, UK, suffers from polycystic kidney disease. The inherited condition causes fluid-filled cysts to grow in the kidneys and can lead to kidney failure. It affects around one in 1,000 people and there is no cure. The BBC met Warren a few weeks before his major operation at Churchill Hospital in Oxford, and caught up with him three months later. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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French far-right journalist Eric Zemmour cast as Macron election rival - BBC News
With six months to go until the next French presidential election, it’s not Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen dominating the magazine front covers. A new face in French politics, Eric Zemmour, hasn’t even formally announced his candidacy yet, but polls suggest he’s on track to challenge Le Pen for leadership of the hard right in France. The child of Jewish Algerian immigrants, Zemmour has long drawn attention for his controversial views. Now, he says, France is being "submerged" by migrants, and parents should be forced to give their children "French names". His speech at a rally in Béziers targeted France's education system - "infiltrated by Marxism, anti-racism, and LGBT ideologies", in his view. The BBC’s Lucy Williamson attended the rally to meet him. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews #France
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North Korea fires suspected submarine-launched missile off Japan - BBC News
North Korea has fired a suspected submarine-launched ballistic missile into waters off the coast of Japan, South Korea's military has said. Pyongyang unveiled the missile in January, describing it as "the world's most powerful weapon". It comes weeks after South Korea unveiled a similar weapon of its own. North Korea has carried out a flurry of missile tests in recent weeks, including of what it said were hypersonic and long-range weapons. Some of these tests violate strict international sanctions. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews #NorthKorea
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Flying Doctors take vaccines to Australia's outback - BBC News
Australia's vaccination rollout has really picked up in recent months, partly due to Covid outbreaks in Sydney and Melbourne. But in remote areas hardly touched by the virus, it’s often a different story. Australia's famous Royal Flying Doctor Service is part of a huge logistical effort to get jabs in arms. Please subscribe HERE #Covid #Australia #BBCNews
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Has Covid changed New York City nightlife forever? - BBC News
Photographer Dina Litovsky was used to taking pictures of rowdy crowds in the chaos that is nightlife in the Big Apple. Then she was suddenly confronted with the new pandemic reality of empty streets and closed clubs. This is how she adapted her art - and what she learned about humanity in the process. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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Malala Yousafzai joins campaign to get Afghan girls' back to school - BBC News
Malala Yousafzai has helped launch a campaign calling on world leaders to take urgent action to help get girls in Afghanistan back to school. The Nobel Peace Prize winner, together with women’s rights advocates Zarqa Yaftali and Shaharzad Akbar have written an open letter to the Taliban. In it they say the Taliban are “denying millions their right to learn” and urge them to “re-open girls’ secondary schools immediately”. Please subscribe HERE #Education #Afghanistan #BBCNews
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Colin Powell, former US secretary of state, dies of Covid complications - BBC News
Tributes have been paid to former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, who has died of Covid complications aged 84. The former top military officer died on Monday morning, his family said. He rose to become the first African-American secretary of state in 2001 under Republican President George W Bush. Powell, who was fully vaccinated, later prompted controversy for his role in garnering support for the Iraq War. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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Why are women targets for online abuse? - BBC News
Online abuse against women is on the rise, but why aren't the police, the government and social media companies doing more to stop it? A BBC Panorama investigation into the matter has revealed how social media companies are using algorithms to promote misogynistic hate and failing to act when it's reported. The BBC's disinformation reporter Marianna Spring has been to meet politicians, Love Island contestants and a front-line doctor to explore the impact of online hate on women who use social media as part of their jobs. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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Waterspout spectacle off the coast of Cuba - BBC News
This is the moment a huge waterspout was captured on camera by people living in Cienfuegos, Cuba, on Saturday October 16. The phenomenon lasted for about 10 minutes according to the country’s meteorological agency. Although waterspouts can pose a danger in some circumstances, no damage was reported. Please subscribe HERE #WaterSpout #BBCNews
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Hundreds strip naked by the Dead Sea in Israel - BBC News
More than 300 people have stripped naked by the Dead Sea in Israel to draw attention to its dramatically receding shoreline. The event was part of a live installation by the artist Spencer Tunick, who’s used similar photo-shoots around the world to highlight environmental change. Please subscribe HERE #Israel #DeadSea #ClimateChange #BBCNews
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The mystery of how long Covid damages our memory - BBC News
“Overnight, my independence was taken away” In the last 16 months since Chrissy Gibson was diagnosed with Covid-19, she has had to re-learn many aspects of her life. How to walk, how to talk, how to live. She is one of millions of long Covid patients, who despite no longer testing positive for the virus, continue to have life-altering side effects like memory loss. This is how long Covid has changed her life. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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Killing of MP Sir David Amess was terrorist incident, police say - BBC News
UK PM Boris Johnson and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer have laid flowers at the scene of the stabbing of Conservative MP Sir David Amess in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. Police are treating the attack as a terrorist incident, which may be linked to Islamist extremism. A 25-year-old British man is being held on suspicion of murder. Sir David had been holding one of his regular Friday meetings with his constituents at Belfairs Methodist Church when he was stabbed multiple times. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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Nasa mission to seek out Solar System 'fossils' - BBC News
A spacecraft has launched from Cape Canaveral on a mission to uncover "the fossils" of the Solar System. The Lucy probe will head out to the orbit of Jupiter to study two groups of asteroids that run in swarms ahead of, and behind, the gas giant. Nasa scientists say the objects are leftovers from the formation of the planets. As such, these trojans, as they're known, hold important clues about the early evolution of the Solar System. Please subscribe HERE #Space #Nasa #BBCNews
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Ros Atkins on… China-Taiwan tensions - BBC News
Ros Atkins examines why tensions between China and Taiwan have increased over recent weeks. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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Stranded 600lb turtle returned to Atlantic Ocean - BBC News
A stranded 600lb (227kg) turtle was returned to the Atlantic Ocean with a little help from some volunteers. The leatherback turtle got stuck in a mudflat alongside a river in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Volunteers will track the turtle for 30 days to see if it survives. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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Stabbing as Conservative MP Sir David Amess meets constituents in Essex, UK - BBC News
A man has been arrested after reports of a stabbing at a constituency surgery being held by Tory MP Sir David Amess. Essex Police said they recovered a knife and they are not looking for anyone else in connection to the incident. Please subscribe HERE
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