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Ukraine set to be approved as EU candidate - BBC News
Ukraine is set to be approved as an EU candidate at a leaders' summit in Brussels, after the European Commission gave the green light. Ukraine applied days after the Russian invasion and the process has since moved at a record speed. Candidate status is the first official step towards EU membership but it can take many years to join and there's no guarantee of success. Please subscribe HERE #Ukraine #EU #BBCNews
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Powerful earthquake kills at least a thousand people in Afghanistan - BBC News
A powerful earthquake has killed at least 1,000 people and injured 1,500 in eastern Afghanistan, an official of the ruling Taliban told the BBC. The Taliban appealed for international help for the rescue effort as pictures showed landslides and ruined mud-built homes in the province of Paktika. The quake struck shortly after 01:30 (21:00 GMT Tuesday) as people slept. Hundreds of houses were destroyed by the magnitude 6.1 event, which occurred at a depth of 51km (32 miles). Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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Half Russian separatist force in Ukraine 'dead or wounded' - BBC News
Russian and Russian-backed separatist forces in the Donetsk region of Ukraine have suffered heavy casualties, according to UK intelligence officials. They estimate the Donetsk militia alone has lost 55% of its original force. UK military intelligence said Russia was very likely aiming to deploy a large number of reserve units to Ukraine's eastern Donbas, which is made up of Donetsk and Luhansk. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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Powerful earthquake kills hundreds in Afghanistan - BBC News
A powerful earthquake has killed at least 920 people and left hundreds more injured in Afghanistan, Taliban officials have said. Pictures show landslides and ruined mud-built homes in eastern Paktika province, where rescuers have been scrambling to treat the injured. In remote areas, helicopters have been ferrying victims to hospitals. Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada said hundreds of houses were destroyed and the death toll was likely to rise. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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Site of Texas school shooting to be demolished - BBC News
Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas - where a gunman killed 19 students and two teachers - will be demolished, the city's mayor has said. Don McLaughlin made the claim on Tuesday at a tense and emotional council meeting with residents demanding answers over the shooting. He did not say when the school would be demolished. Public anger has risen since the May rampage, with police accused of waiting over an hour to confront the assailant. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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US election officials detail Trump voters' death threats - BBC News
Trump supporters threatened election officials and their families after they refused to quash his 2020 defeat, a congressional panel has heard. The speaker of Arizona's statehouse, Rusty Bowers, told the committee probing last year's Capitol riot that the harassment continues to this day. A Georgia voter counter said she was afraid to leave home after ex-President Donald Trump specifically targeted her. The House of Representatives panel accuses Mr Trump of an attempted coup. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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Bill Cosby assaulted teen at Playboy Mansion, jury finds - BBC News
Comedian Bill Cosby sexually assaulted a teenager at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles in 1975, a jury has found. Judy Huth testified to the civil trial that Cosby, 84, had forced her to perform a sex act on him at the venue when she was 16 years old. The jury also ruled that Cosby must pay Ms Huth, who is now 64, $500,000 (£407,000) in damages. More than 50 women have come forward with abuse allegations against the man once known as America's Dad, charges he denies. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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Russia has 'almost captured' city of Severodonetsk in Ukraine - BBC News
Russian forces have almost captured the key city of Severodonetsk, a senior Ukrainian official said. Capturing the city has been a top military goal for Russia and a key battle ground in the fight in the Donbas region. Thousands of civilians are trapped with many of them sheltering in bunkers beneath the city's Azot chemical plant and essential supplies are running out, the United Nations has warned. Please subscribe HERE #Russia #Ukraine #BBCNews
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Russian journalist auctions Nobel medal for $103 million - BBC News
The Russian editor-in-chief of the independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta has auctioned off his Nobel Peace Prize medal for $103.5m (£84m). Dmitry Muratov told the BBC all the money from the sale would go to help refugees from the war in Ukraine. Muratov was co-awarded the peace prize in 2021 for defending freedom of expression in Russia. Heritage Auctions, which conducted the sale, has not revealed who the winning bidder was. Please subscribe HERE #russia #ukraine #BBCNews
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10-year-old boy becomes youngest certified yoga instructor – BBCNews
A 10-year-old boy has become the youngest certified yoga instructor in the world. Reyansh Surani, from India who now lives in Dubai, has been practising yoga since the age of 4. "Yoga is fun, not boring, I promise," said the certified instructor, who has been teaching others. Surani broke the world record at 9 years and 222 days. Commenting on why he likes yoga, he said: "The best part about yoga is that there is no competition. We can do as much as we can according to our bodies, " Please subscribe HERE #GuinnessWorldRecord #Yoga #BBCNews
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Pakistan faces hottest summer in decades - BBC News
Temperatures have risen to more than 50C (122F) in Pakistan leading to serious water shortages, as the country battles an extreme heatwave. In Cholistan, the droughts have led to the deaths of livestock - devastating the livelihoods of farmers in the region. Some farmers have even spent their own money on systems to extract water from underground, but with little success. Residents say if temperatures continue to rise, Pakistan's government will have to deal with a massive migration crisis as people move away from Cholistan. Please subscribe HERE #Pakistan #Heatwave #BBCNews
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Monsoons in India and Bangladesh leave millions stranded - BBC News
At least 59 people are known to have died in lightning strikes and landslides triggered by severe monsoon storms in India and Bangladesh. Millions of people have been stranded, while emergency workers have struggled to reach those affected. Forecasters are warning that the flooding is expected to get worse over the next few days. Some Bangladesh government officials have described the recent flooding as the country's worst since 2004. Please subscribe HERE #India #Bangladesh #BBCNews
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Wildfires breakout in Northern Spain following heatwave - BBC News
Firefighters have been battling wildfires in parts of Spain, as the country faces its warmest early summer in decades. Parts of western Europe have been experiencing extreme heat under a wave of hot air that has moved north from Africa. Temperatures in both Spain and France have broken records, putting pressure on hospitals and energy grids. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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President Macron loses majority in split French vote - BBC News
President Emmanuel Macron has lost control of the French National Assembly following a strong performance by a left alliance and the far right in the elections. His centrist coalition lost dozens of seats in an election that has left French politics fragmented. The prime minister he had only recently appointed, Elisabeth Borne, said the situation was unprecedented. "This situation represents a risk for our country, given the risks we're facing nationally and internationally," she said. "We will work as of tomorrow to build a working majority." Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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Transgender swimmers banned from elite women’s races - BBC News
World swimming’s governing body has effectively banned transgender athletes from competing in women’s elite races. FINA voted to stop any person who has transitioned from competing in the events, if they have been through any stage of male puberty. They are aiming to establish a new “open” category of competition for swimmers whose gender identity is different from their biological sex. The new policy, which was passed with 71% of the vote of FINA members, was described as "only a first step towards full inclusion" for transgender athletes. The former Great Britain swimmer Sharron Davies, who has argued against transgender participation in women's elite swimming, said she was "really proud of FINA". However Athlete Ally, an LGBT advocacy group, called the new policy "discriminatory and harmful”. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by sports correspondent Jane Dougall. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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Elections in France decide battle between Emmanuel Macron and the left – BBC News
President Emmanuel Macron beat the far right to retain the presidency in April but, less than two months on, it is the left that is threatening his hold on power in France's National Assembly elections. If the president loses his outright majority, he could struggle to push through reforms. Far-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon's left-green alliance finished neck and neck with the centrist Macron coalition in the first round a week ago. Please subscribe HERE #France #BBCNews
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War in Ukraine could last years warns Nato chief – BBC News
The West must prepare to continue supporting Ukraine in a war lasting for years, Nato’s chief has warned. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the costs of war were high, but the price of letting Moscow achieve its military goals was even greater. For the last few months Russian and Ukrainian forces have battled for control of territory in the country's east - with Moscow making slow advances in recent weeks. Please subscribe HERE #Ukraine #Russia #BBCNews
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World Cup hosts Qatar accused of under-reporting deaths in Gulf's killer heat – BBC News
Allegations that Qatar is underreporting the number of migrant workers who have died of heat stroke have been revealed. Across the Gulf, extreme heat is affecting more-and-more people, especially millions of migrant workers who go there to support their families back home. Temperatures that go above 50C, thanks to climate change, can leave workers with life-altering illnesses including heart failure. The Qatar Government did not respond when asked to comment. Please subscribe HERE #Qatar #WorldCup #BBCNews
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Bitcoin: Will El Salvador's big crypto gamble pay off? – BBC News
The falling value of Bitcoin is affecting investors all over the world. It’s putting increased pressure on the Central American state of El Salvador, which nine months ago made cryptocurrency legal tender. As legal tender it should be accepted in all shops, you can now buy almost anything in Bitcoin, from pizza to real estate. The government has encouraged people to use Bitcoin by giving $30 to each person who signs up for a government-sponsored Bitcoin wallet – and offering treatment for pets at a cost of just 25 cents for those who pay in Bitcoin. But aside from some pockets of enthusiasm, people do not seem to be embracing the cryptocurrency as much as their Bitcoin-loving president who is under increasing criticism for investing so much public money in the project. Please subscribe HERE #ElSalvador #Bitcoin #BBCNews
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How a Ukrainian woman 'Babushka-Z' became a Russian propaganda icon – BBC News
An elderly Ukrainian woman has become the new, unlikely face of Kremlin propaganda. In Russia, she is known as ‘Babushka-Z’ the Russian word for grandmother. Murals, placards and even statues of her holding a Soviet flag have appeared all over the country. But how did an old woman from a small Ukrainian village turn into a star among pro-war Russians? Please subscribe HERE #Russia #Ukraine #BBCNews
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Nepal to move Everest base camp away from melting glacier - BBC News
Nepal is preparing to move its Everest base camp, because global warming and human activity are making it unsafe. The camp, used by up to 1,500 people in the spring climbing season, is situated on the rapidly thinning Khumbu glacier. A new site is to be found at a lower altitude, where there is no year-round ice, an official told the BBC. Researchers say melt-water destabilises the glacier, and climbers say crevasses are increasingly appearing at base camp while they sleep. Please subscribe HERE #Everest #Nepal #BBCNews
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Heatwave across Europe sees Spain and France swelter - BBC News
There are heatwave warnings for countries across Europe this week. Temperatures across Spain and France have been above average for several days and the heat is expected to peak this weekend. In France, authorities are fighting forest fires on a sixth day of sweltering temperatures. Please subscribe HERE #Spain #France #Heatwave #BBCNews
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Suspect admits shooting Amazon pair Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira, Brazil police say - BBC News
Brazilian police say a suspect has confessed to shooting missing British journalist Dom Phillips and indigenous expert Bruno Pereira. Detective Eduardo Fontes said the man, Amarildo da Costa de Oliveira, took investigators to a site where human remains were dug up. Fontes said police would work with Interpol to confirm the bodies' identities as they also try to establish a motive. The suspect’s brother Oseney da Costa de Oliveira has also been arrested. Please subscribe HERE #Amazon #DomPhillips #BBCNews
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Ukrainian family describes life under Russian occupation - BBC News
Traumatised families who left Mariupol tell of dire living conditions under Russian occupation. “Dead bodies everywhere. People were lying near every house. No one took them away,” says Yulia who left the city two weeks ago. Now in the relative safety of the capital, Kyiv, she gives a harrowing account of life in her home city where it's a feared a major cholera outbreak could be imminent. Please subscribe HERE #Ukraine #BBCNews Please subscribe HERE #Ukraine #Russia #BBCNews
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Spain heatwave brings record temperatures - BBC News
Temperatures in some areas of Spain are expected to hit or remain around 43 degrees celsius this week, as a sweltering heatwave continues to hang over the country. The soaring temperatures have caused the authorities to put many areas of the country on alert due to the risk of wildfires. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews
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