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Headline #1
Find out which countries are welcoming US tourists back
Headline #2
Some children's hospitals see a surge in rare Covid-19 complication MIS-C
Headline #3
One person killed in shooting at George Floyd memorial site in Minneapolis
Headline #4
How rape allegations among Australia's political elite reignited its #MeToo movement
Headline #5
La NiƱa could supercharge this year's tornado season, just like it did to deadly effect in 2011
Headline #6
How Democrats miscalculated Manchin and later won him back
Headline #7
Trump says he'll campaign against Murkowski in Alaska next year
Headline #8
US Chamber of Commerce won't pull support for lawmakers who objected to election results on January 6
Headline #9
Safe water -- it's what women want
Headline #10
Black mother pepper-sprayed in front of her toddler, police say
Headline #11
Georgia district attorney investigating Trump hires lawyer with expertise in racketeering cases
Headline #12
China faces huge climate and tech challenges in its bid for global leadership
Headline #13
California says Disneyland and other amusement parks can reopen April 1
Headline #14
Trump wants top Republican fundraising organizations to stop using his likeness
Headline #15
Biden administration expected to form task force to deal with Microsoft hack linked to China
Headline #16
Widespread vaccinations are seen as one path on the journey back to normalcy in the Covid-19 pandemic
Headline #17
New body cam video shows man telling officers 'I can't breathe' before he died in 2017
Headline #18
12-year-old arrested for four carjacking incidents in Washington, DC
Headline #19
The key question for jury selectors in the George Floyd trial
Headline #20
Harry and Meghan expose palace hypocrisy
Headline #21
Here's what's in the Senate stimulus plan
Headline #22
Amount of people hesitant to get Covid-19 vaccine dropping rapidly
Headline #23
The Senate passed Biden's $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief bill
Headline #24
Obama congratulates Biden on Senate passage of his Covid relief bill
Headline #25
Tom Brady rookie card sells for record $1.32 million
Headline #26
Spring break could be a perfect storm for spreading coronavirus variants. Don't let that happen
Headline #27
Federal judge says deadline to ratify ERA 'expired long ago' in setback to advocates' efforts
Headline #28
Senate passes Biden's $1.9 trillion Covid relief plan after all-night votes
Headline #29
Biden's historic victory for America -- no thanks to GOP
Headline #30
'A violent gamble.' Crash that killed 13 undocumented migrants highlights perils of desperate border crossings

RSS to HTML (jQuery Version)

Take any of our RSS feeds and auto-magically have it converted to HTML for displaying news on your website, forum or blog! (this is a jQuery version, scroll up for a PHP version)

Live Example