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Headline #1
Boosters, masks and mandates: Biden's team sorts through options for containing Covid surge among unvaccinated Americans
Headline #2
Dead turtles and waves of plastic show Sri Lankan ship disaster's deep ramifications
Headline #3
Covid-19 hospitalizations in Los Angeles County more than doubled in 2 weeks
Headline #4
Australia once reveled in being the 'lucky country' on Covid-19. Now weary Aussies 'feel like prisoners'
Headline #5
With wildfires blazing across the West, more counties are declaring states of emergency
Headline #6
Thousands join Pride event in Hungary as LGBTQ people face growing hostility
Headline #7
Here's who won gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday
Headline #8
Amanda Kloots responds to criticism for dating again after late husband Nick Cordero's death
Headline #9
A second crisis is killing survivors of India's worst Covid wave
Headline #10
An airport piano player earned $60,000 in tips after a stranger shared videos of him on Instagram
Headline #11
Looks like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have made it Instagram official
Headline #12
Anthropologist believes remains of missing California teen have been found three years after mudslide
Headline #13
'Dating Game Killer' dies of natural causes, prison officials say
Headline #14
Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist recovering following emergency heart surgery
Headline #15
What the For the People Act would mean for veterans with disabilities
Headline #16
In Key West this weekend, they're once again honoring Ernest Hemingway by competing to look like him
Headline #17
The latest on the Tokyo Olympics
Headline #18
Frito-Lay Kansas worker strike ends after 20 days
Headline #19
NSA review finds no evidence supporting Tucker Carlson's claims NSA was spying on him, sources say
Headline #20
At least 8 of the 20 largest US school districts are making masks optional for students
Headline #21
Monsoon rains could bust exceptional drought across the Southwest
Headline #22
Illinois schools struggle to fill teaching vacancies. 1 district hires international teachers to meet the needs
Headline #23
Colorado 10-year-old dies as health officials investigate plague activity
Headline #24
The agonizing wait for the family of the presumed last missing Surfside victim
Headline #25
Olympic events to watch this weekend
Headline #26
Bumble match turns in January 6 suspect who allegedly whipped police
Headline #27
Authorities in this community say they're facing a gun violence 'crisis.' They're asking residents for help
Headline #28
A Missouri hospital just hit its all-time high for Covid cases. But the county fair that attracts thousands won't be canceled
Headline #29
Georgia police make arrest in 1988 murder of 8-year-old Joshua Harmon
Headline #30
The GOP's grave mistake

RSS to HTML (jQuery Version)

Take any of our RSS feeds and auto-magically have it converted to HTML for displaying news on your website, forum or blog! (this is a jQuery version, scroll up for a PHP version)

Live Example

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