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By Chicago Tribune · Published: Jul 17, 2017 @ 04:00:00 PM

A sister of a man shot to death by Chicago police officers last year in a Prairie District park challenged officers’ version of events, saying an officer who was wounded in what police described as an exchange of gunfire actually shot himself. Arlena .. . . .

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Firefighters and water-dropping helicopters battle 250-acre fire along 91 Freeway in Anaheim
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20-year-old charged after latest shooting in Westport
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Hot dog vendor whose money was seized by police receives $88G in donations for new food truck
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Man killed by police was vet with history of mental illness
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Boy, 2, who accidentally killed father in St. Louis is asking for his dad, relatives say
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Canada denies Chelsea Manning entry because she committed ‘treason’ in the U.S.
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Iraqi detainees end hunger strike as ICE appeals judge's order blocking deportation
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3 black detectives claim NYPD didn't promote them because of their race
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Pig hunter rescued by helicopter after plummeting down ravine
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Former editor of San Quentin News, reformed and ready for new beginning, dies in crash along with sister
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Rams defensive lineman Ethan Westbrooks arrested after gun is found in car
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Amish woman and her horse die after their buggy is struck by drunk driver
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Advocates want more police training for mental-health issues
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CHP: Robbers took $4,000 in pair of hold-ups at bridge toll plazas
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Firefighters and water-dropping helicopters battle 250-acre fire along 91 Freeway in Anaheim

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