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By The Christian Science Monitor · Published: Mar 13, 2018 @ 10:34:00 AM

March 13, 2018 —Some time more than 300 million years ago, an ancient arthropod evolved a trait that would become the bane of countless insects and, today, people walking through their basements. Fed by a set of microscopic spigots secreting a material . . .

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Germany alarmed by Facebook data abuse reports, lawmakers demand answers
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Russian Soyuz set to carry crew to space station
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Facebook sees Tesla-sized chunk vanish from market cap in 2 days
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Social media stocks tumble as Wall Street fears regulation
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Top schools for AI: New study ranks the leading U.S. artificial intelligence grad programs
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Michigan Avenue, Chicago Apple Store retail parcel now up for sale by landlord
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The Latest: Data firm chief listed Trump work in sales pitch
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Expedia's Orbitz Hack May Have Compromised 880,000 Credit Cards
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Possible data breach at Orbitz affects 880,000 payment cards
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Microsoft readies new cloud SSD storage spec for the Open Compute Project
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Facebook explains Fabric Aggregator, its distributed network system
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Walmart Teams Up With FedEx in Joint Challenge To Amazon
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Researchers capture image of first step of photosynthesis
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A bubble you didn't even know existed could be bursting
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The World’s Finance Chiefs Are Fretting About Cryptocurrencies
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Uber’s former head of self-driving cars put safety second
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