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By Phys · Published: Oct 13, 2017 @ 12:46:00 PM

Fanged kangaroos – an extinct family of small fanged Australian kangaroos – might have survived at least five million years longer than previously thought. A University of Queensland-led study has found the species might have competed for resources .. . . .

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Uber says data breach compromised 380K users in Singapore
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Google’s Return to China Foretells a Global Race to Deliver AI
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Does losing net neutrality really mean the end of the internet?
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My name is on a fake Net Neutrality comment, and yours might be, too
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AMD Racks Up Cloud Server Wins With Baidu, Microsoft
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‘Alien probe’ asteroid is dead quiet, but is that good news or bad news?
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With Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Burned, The Dockless Bike Sharing Market Is Imploding
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New Volcanic Island May Survive Much Longer Than Expected
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What Can AI Experts Learn from Buddhism? A New Approach to Machine-Learning Ethics Aims to Find Out
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Now I Get It: How the repeal of net neutrality will affect you
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Senate Democrats to force vote on FCC net neutrality repeal
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Battle over net neutrality is far from over
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A bombshell letter charges that Uber hacked into competitors' networks and wiretapped people at a hotel
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Hoo-boy! This damning Uber letter is a wild ride
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Uber Hacked and Surveilled Rivals, Alleges Ex-Manager in Letter
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Industry Experts Predict Progress in Integrating AI, Big Data in 2018
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