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By Evening Standard on MSN · Published: Aug 12, 2017 @ 10:33:00 PM

Britain will not remain in the EU 'by the back door', pledge Fox and Hammond Stargazers from around the world captured spectacular pictures over the weekend as the night sky was lit up by the Perseid meteor shower. The celestial display happened as the .. . . .

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How the net neutrality repeal will hurt small businesses — including anyone who sells things on sites like Etsy
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A mobile banking service is transforming how the poor transfer money — here's how it works
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Snapchat is still the network of choice for U.S. teens — and Instagram is Facebook’s best shot at catching up
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Why Silicon Valley Wants You To Text And Drive
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Stealth turns 40: Looking back at the first flight of Have Blue
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Uber Engaged in ‘Illegal’ Spying on Rivals, Ex-Employee Says
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What’s Next After the Repeal of Net Neutrality
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Blippar's celebrity face-mashing app is filled with pictures of killers, terrorists, and dictators
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Uber hacked and surveilled rivals, alleges ex-manager in letter
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New Optical Medium Could Make Internet Thousand Times Faster: Study
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Uber says data breach compromised 380K users in Singapore
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Google’s Return to China Foretells a Global Race to Deliver AI
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Does losing net neutrality really mean the end of the internet?
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My name is on a fake Net Neutrality comment, and yours might be, too
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AMD Racks Up Cloud Server Wins With Baidu, Microsoft
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‘Alien probe’ asteroid is dead quiet, but is that good news or bad news?
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