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By PC Magazine · Published: Jun 19, 2017 @ 03:21:00 AM

AMD, Cray, HPE, IBM, Intel, and Nvidia receive funding to push ahead with energy efficient exascale supercomputers that use tens not hundreds of megawatts. The fastest supercomputer in the US today is Titan (currently third fastest in the world). . . .

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Microsoft Extends Data Leak Protection to Office on Windows
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SpaceX launched and landed two rockets this weekend — here are stunning photos of the doubleheader
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Google Says It Will No Longer Read Users' Emails To Sell Targeted Ads
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Apple’s latest acquisition points to a future without the iPhone
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The UK parliament getting pwned by a brute-force attack is utterly, utterly embarrassing
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Hail of a conflict: Climate change means fewer hailstorms but bigger hail
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Comtrade Software Unveils First DR Specifically for Nutanix Cloud
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When galaxies collide: Cool NASA photo shows galactic 'goulash'
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Trump wants companies to hire American, but CIOs don't seem to be paying attention
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Apple just bought a company that made eye-tracking 'smart' glasses
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Vimeo Abandons Plan to Become the Next Netflix
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John Kasich's website has been restored after being hacked with pro-ISIS messages
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Pandora CEO Westergren could soon be out as top executive
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Claroty Adds Secure Remote Access to ICS Security Platform
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Apple releases iOS 11 preview. Here's what's new
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Scientists Figured Out How the Sun Shoots Plasma Jets
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Doug mirrors Android in Windows and records it
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OnePlus 5 vs. iPhone 7 Plus: Dual-camera shootout
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