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By The Seattle Times · Published: Mar 13, 2018 @ 11:05:00 AM

Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy unveiled his first budget on Tuesday, a $37.4 billion spending plan that departs sharply from his predecessor, Republican Gov. Chris Christie. Murphy is proposing raising the tax on incomes above $1 million from the . . .

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Bloomberg hopes his millions help Democrats win back Congress
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U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of internet sales tax
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Gutierrez: We Challenged Obama On Immigration, But "Obama Had A Soul"
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White House to Propose Education, Labor Department Merger, Reports Say
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House Weighs Immigration Bills
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The Latest: Military Lends 21 Lawyers to Help Border Cases
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NY mayor: Some migrant kids sent from border have bed bugs, lice
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Paul Ryan holds news conference as House moves to vote on immigration
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Trump Returns to Tough Talk on Immigration, a Day After Retreating on Family Separation
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Nikki Haley blasts UN report on poverty in America as 'misleading and politically motivated'
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The tough Senate map for Democrats is looking a little less tough
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Nielsen on immigration: It’s up to Congress now
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N.J. Lawmakers to Vote on Budget Destined for Murphy's Veto Pen
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Trump Vows to Open Minnesota's Superior National Forest to Mines
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Hours ahead of House immigration votes, Trump questions point of passing the bills
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GOP congressman criticizes seizure of reporter records: 'that is not how the First Amendment operates'
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Sec. Ross on Trade, Economic Growth, ZTE, Short Selling
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Sec. Ross Says Navigator Holdings Wasn't a Typical Short Sell
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Sec. Ross Says Trade Partners Are Spoiled and That Game Is Over
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Sec. Ross Says ZTE Will Be Shut Down on Further Violations
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President Donald Trump's Tipping Point | MSNBC
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