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By Portland Press Herald · Published: Aug 12, 2017 @ 09:41:00 PM

Forget about her incompetence. Mary Mayhew just descended to downright disgusting. “There is nothing more important than the health and well-being of our most vulnerable citizens,” the former head of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services . . . .

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300K petition drive blocks Missouri right-to-work legislation
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Trump ousts chief strategist Steve Bannon, who returns to helm at Breitbart News
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Dems risk culture war fight in Charlottesville response
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Pardon of Joe Arpaio would refute crux of immigration debate
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Confederate statues, slaves, Civil War, Child Protective Services, Mike Rawlings, Clear the Shelters
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Scheme To Get Republicans a 53d Senate Seat Collapses As Manchin Stays Put
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Phoenix officials worry Trump's campaign rally could spark tensions
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Betsy Devos’s comments on Charlottesville are a good starting point. Now it’s time for action.
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Bannon: 'Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over'
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In the former capital of the Confederacy, the debate over the city's famed Civil War monuments is heating up
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Baltimore's Confederate statues under tarps as Trump, Stonewall Jackson descendants weigh in
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E.P.A. Promised ‘a New Day’ for the Agriculture Industry, Documents Reveal
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Icahn steps down as unofficial Trump adviser
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Presidential arts committee resigns en masse after Charlottesville
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Wave of resignations hits Commerce Department’s board of ‘digital economy’ advisers
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Bannon’s next move: A return to Breitbart News, with more reach than ever
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Former Australian PM Rudd Weighs in on U.S.-China Trade
by Bloomberg Politics
17 Aug, 2017 06:26 pm Full Screen
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17 Aug, 2017 06:01 pm Full Screen
How Spain Will React to the Barcelona Terror Attack
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BMO's Belski Says U.S. Stock Market Selloff Was Overdue
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GOP Senator Corker Calls for Changes in Trump Presidency
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Why Barcelona May Have Been Targeted for Terror Attack
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Former Trade Rep. Sees No Mistakes in Original Nafta Pact
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Summers on Trump Disbanding Councils, Tax Reform
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Rep. Peter Roskam Looking for Simpler Tax System
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17 Aug, 2017 03:14 pm Full Screen
Trump Dissolves Business Forum Amid CEO Backlash
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17 Aug, 2017 03:14 pm Full Screen

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300K petition drive blocks Missouri right-to-work legislation

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