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By KOMO News · Published: Jul 17, 2017 @ 02:33:00 PM

MACON, Ga. -- Taking antibiotics during the summer months can increase the risk for sunburns. Pharmacist Sarah Haddock said antibiotics like Cipro or Macrobid for infections can cause extreme sunburns after someone is exposed to sunlight. "The molecule in . . .

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Solar eclipse sweeps across US for the first time in 99 years
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Manikkal hanging bridge in Kannur crying for help
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Fisherman nets message in a bottle in isolated Gaza
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Police: Driver rams into pedestrian after yelling at him moments before
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'Supermarket X' could have given thousands hepatitis through infected sausages
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Men say they've set record for traversing Boston's subway
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Photo shows child duct taped to chair at daycare
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Don't stare at the sun: A Tennessee woman's warning ahead of the eclipse
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Python swallows 13 hens in Kalady
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In lead-up to lunar phenomenon, Kentucky city now known as 'Eclipseville'
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National Allotment Society - Growing The Movement
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Student stuns friends with ‘Theyyam’ performance
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Bride Wears Late Grandma's Dress To Her Wedding, And It Fits To A T
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Homeless Manchester Arena 'hero' charged with theft from bombing victim
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A daughter remembers her freedom fighter father
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Adieu to the oldest banyan tree
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