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Acclaimed artists, including members of Extreme, in Dark Desert Eagles tribute to The Eagles
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CIA fires dog from bomb-sniffing program because she just wants to play
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Dogs use ‘puppy eyes’ on purpose, study finds
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Robbers with hunting knives demand $1 from store, then flee
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Puppy eyes: The tail wagging the dog?
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Shooting stars forecast as Earth passes though Halley's Comet debris
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Sheriff's cadet uses dad's patrol car to pull over his ex
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Netflix reveals top 20 most binge-watched shows - and the results are surprising
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Harmless fun or bad taste? Oscar Pistorius Halloween costume for sale
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Sweet Surrender: Detroit-area man arrested with doughnuts
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Extreme Triking? It’s Not For Kids
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COUNTY NEWS: Record-breaking Howl-O-Ween event for Sussex dogs
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Winning $1 on Jeopardy
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Tinder 'brings out basic mating instincts of men and women'
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Banyan roots take over Kayamkulam hospital building
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Watch dramatic moment Ryanair plane aborts landing just metres from the ground
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How Video Games are Turning into Movies
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What To Do If Your Parachute Fails
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Logan Paul - Outta My Hair [Official Music Video]
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15 Oct, 2017 05:30 pm Full Screen
Kellywise - SNL
by Saturday Night Live
15 Oct, 2017 12:59 am Full Screen
Now Is the Time to Do Something
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Filling In For Jon Batiste
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14 Oct, 2017 10:00 am Full Screen
Real or FAKE ANIME?? Pt. 4 - HORROR EDITION! | Thomas Sanders
by Thomas Sanders
13 Oct, 2017 06:47 pm Full Screen
How to Not Get Bullied | Lele Pons
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Chinese-funded EV startup buys tech firm headed by former Tesla exec

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Goldman's co-COO on Twitter, Brexit and bitcoin — 'you're seeing the real Lloyd'
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NCAA ruling on UNC case leaves me with an idea for justice

Election News

The most underplayed story of the 2016 election is voter suppression.

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French Actress Danielle Darrieux Dies at 100

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Blake Lively on Besting Jennifer Lawrence for 'Gossip Girl' Role

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Minimizing Astigmatism in Cataract Surgery

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Downtown Dallas' mid-century modern treasure Statler Hotel is back

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U.S. Bancorp's Third-Quarter Earnings -- A Big Bank That's in a Class by Itself

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'I, Tonya': Margot Robbie debuts as Tonya Harding in teaser

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Billy Joel to be a dad again at 68 after revealing his wife is seven months pregnant

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A 3-Month-Old Girl Was Among 84 Children Rescued From Sex Traffickers
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Offbeat News

Acclaimed artists, including members of Extreme, in Dark Desert Eagles tribute to The Eagles

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Cassidy: Graham-Cassidy Health Bill Did Not Pass "Because Two People Had Concerns Over Process, Not Policy"

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Here's What You Need To Know About The New Nintendo Switch Update

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Tech giants studying artificial intelligence are enlisting an Obama veteran as their new leader

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Week 7 Start 'Em, Sit 'Em: Play or Bench Advice on Top Fantasy Football Stars

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Baby covered in white powder dies after being found in parking lot near downtown L.A.

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Millions participate in Great Shakeout earthquake drills worldwide
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