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By New York Times · Published: Jan 13, 2018 @ 11:06:00 AM

“I is this your beach ball?” These were the first words spoken by Franklin, addressing Charlie Brown as the latter stared glumly out to sea. And this is how Charles M. Schulz integrated his comic strip, “Peanuts,” on July 31, 1968. Franklin’s .. . . .

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Six Chinese Ships Covertly Aided North Korea. The U.S. Was Watching.
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Fake TV news crew tried to sneak fake bomb through airport checkpoint: Authorities
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TV film crew arrested by TSA for intentionally bringing fake explosive to airport
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Car hits crowd at Brazil's Copacabana, killing baby
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Judge set to sentence Ohio man who plotted US attacks
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SEC Pours Cold Water on Prospect of Bitcoin ETFs
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UBS to Give Glimpse How Europe's Banks Weathered Fourth Quarter
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Alabama man kills kids, daughter's fiance, then self, police say
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Price hike would make national parks look like 'exclusive club,' resigning NPS board member says
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Drone Rescue Off Australian Beach Heralded as World-first
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Prosecutors drop charges against 129 Inauguration Day protesters
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TV film crew busted with fake bomb at Newark Airport in attempt to test security
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Government shutdown looms as stopgap spending measure appears likely to stall in the Senate
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Sen. Kaine condemns 'unacceptable' expanded U.S. mission in Syria
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Trump Administration Accelerating Israeli Embassy Move
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Russian spy ship spotted off US coast a year ago returns to region
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Pope Francis Marries Couple During Flight | NBC Nightly News
by NBC News
18 Jan, 2018 11:38 pm Full Screen
ICE director talks enforcing immigration laws in California
by Fox News
18 Jan, 2018 11:38 pm Full Screen
Biggs and Labrador on exposing the truth about Russia probe
by Fox News
18 Jan, 2018 11:38 pm Full Screen
Ingraham on spending showdown: Dems are playing with fire
by Fox News
18 Jan, 2018 11:37 pm Full Screen
Today in History for January 19th
by Associated Press
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Why Some Teens Are Intentionally Ingesting Tide Pods | NBC Nightly News
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Amazon Picks 20 Finalists For ‘HQ2’ Second Headquarters Location | NBC Nightly News
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Larry Nassar Complains It’s Too Hard To Listen To Victim Stories | NBC Nightly News
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Tomi: Liberals are going crazy because Trump is winning
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Jesse Watters, Jessica Tarlov on DACA and funding showdown
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Six Chinese Ships Covertly Aided North Korea. The U.S. Was Watching.

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