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By ABC News · Published: Mar 18, 2018 @ 08:42:00 AM

While missing Pennsylvania teenager Amy Yu was found safe over the weekend in Mexico with 45-year-old Kevin Esterly, whom she was allegedly having a romantic relationship with, the case stretches back farther than the 13 days she was missing. From ... . . .

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American Airlines sued after passenger who suffered midflight emergency dies
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Funerals set for 2 of 4 slain in the Waffle House shooting
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President Trump says he didn't have time to get Melania a birthday present
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Bill Cosby conviction: How prosecutors scored a victory against 'America's Dad'
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Commuters who drive alone in zero-emission cars will no longer get free trips in L.A.'s toll lanes
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Florida deputies have no confidence in sheriff who presided over the Parkland shooting, union says
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Cheer coach brought heroin to school and had 'sexual relationship' with a student, Ga. cops say
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Otto Warmbier family files suit against North Korea for torture, murder
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Amazon’s Fiscal Discipline Pays Off as It More Than Doubles Profit
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As climate change zaps their snow, winter sports fans seek to change Washington
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Portraits of some of the 'Golden State Killer' victims
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Explosion rocks Wisconsin refinery, forcing evacuations
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Verdict set for Friday in trial of former school music director accused of battery, buying booze for minors
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Wells Fargo’s 401(k) Practices Probed by Labor Department
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Texas high school dancer killed in front of sister by ex-boyfriend who fatally shot himself
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Senate confirms Pompeo as Trump's second secretary of State — and he quickly flies away
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American Airlines sued after passenger who suffered midflight emergency dies

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