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By Reason · Published: Jun 19, 2017 @ 03:32:47 AM

In "Remember the Population Bomb? It's Still Ticking," an op-ed in the Sunday New York Times, Linden repeats a 40-year-old refrain: "Lesotho's biggest problem probably was, and is, the obvious: too many people." That's far too simple a story. Malthusian c . . .

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South Africa Puts A 'Red Alert' At Its Borders For Zimbabwe's Grace Mugabe
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Texas town opens $72 million high school football stadium, most expensive in country
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Energy Capital Partners Is Nearing Deal to Buy Calpine
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Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Denounce Nazis in the Way Trump Has Failed to Do
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Jefferson Davis monument is tarred and feathered in Arizona
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Jason Kessler, Charlottesville rally organizer, says he's in hiding
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El Paso boy flourishes after lifesaving surgery
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Tensions grow inside ACLU over defending free-speech rights for the far right
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‘Antifa’ Grows as Left-Wing Faction Set to, Literally, Fight the Far Right
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ACLU settles lawsuit against 2 psychologists who created CIA torture program
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Golden glow gone amid scandal, USA Gymnastics faces change
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Prominent Supporter of President Trump Admits He Regrets His Vote
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White supremacist Chris Cantwell banned from OkCupid
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'Just Plain Wrong' Betsy DeVos Condemns White Supremacists After Charlottesville
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Search area expands for Army helicopter missing off Hawaii
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Trump shuns healing gestures, redoubling support for Confederate memorials and slamming fellow Republicans
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Shootout in Cambrils: Police kill 5 suspects in 'anti-terrorist' operation 100km from Barcelona
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Deadly terror attack on streets of Barcelona
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'Manhunt: Unabomber' stars are fascinated by the Ted Kaczynski case
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Krauthammer: Every monument has different history
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Two people in custody in connection with Barcelona attack
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South Africa Puts A 'Red Alert' At Its Borders For Zimbabwe's Grace Mugabe

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