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By Yahoo Finance · Published: Feb 14, 2018 @ 04:17:00 AM

Bitcoin has recived the lion’s share of cryptocurrency headlines in the past year, but a handful of popular altcoins have begun to get some major investor support as well: Link Snap Inc (NYSE: SNAP)'s Snapchat recently updated its platform, but Facebook . . .

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BP: A Long-Time Survivor Raring To Start Growing
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10 McDonald's workers file sex harassment claims
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Kosher Cheeseburger? Not Impossible With Vegan 'Meat' That Conforms To Jewish Dietary Laws
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Robbie Williams to 'party like a Russian' with Uzbek-born billionaire
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JPMorgan's Stock May Rebound to New Record High
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Blackstone Valuation May Jump 50% With C-Corp, Analyst Says
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The Stars Group Should Continue Its Strong Performance
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Elliott poised to take Thyssenkrupp stake -source
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Infighting among Trump's top advisers led to a negotiating disaster on the China trade deal
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European stocks climb as Italy tensions ease for now
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Mobile real-estate investment firm anticipates growth
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Charlotte mortgage company jumps Carolinas border with the promise of 1,100 jobs for Fort Mill
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JC Penney's CEO just signaled the end of retail as we know it
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Thinking of selling your home? Do it before 2020, economists say
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Profit for Maryland banks rises 23 percent in first quarter
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Four in 10 can’t cover an emergency expense of $400, Fed survey finds
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