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By PBS · Published: Dec 17, 2017 @ 03:37:00 AM

WASHINGTON — A deadline burst of sign-ups after a tumultuous year for the Obama health law has revealed continued demand for the program’s subsidized individual health plans. But the Affordable Care Act’s troubles aren’t over. Official numbers ... . . .

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'Guardians of the Galaxy' director offers $100k for Trump to be weighed on 'accurate scale'
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Women are hardier than men, study suggests
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Trump at Risk for a Heart Attack With Dangerous Weight and Skyrocketing Cholesterol
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Fluids may buy dying cancer patients a day or two
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Methodist Hospital CEO: End of merger talks 'missed opportunity'
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Patients at psychiatric hospital protest over crackdown
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Methodist CEO: End of merger talks 'missed opportunity'
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President is overweight and doesn't exercise, like most Americans
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Scientists just uncovered the cause of a massive epidemic using 500-year-old teeth
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10-year-old hockey player's sudden death was flu-related, health official says
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Study: Electric current to the brain may help curb tics in Tourette syndrome
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Scientists finally discover what killed the Aztecs ... probably
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Trump has made two life choices that keep him healthier than he looks
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Father possibly exposed to HIV during hospital visit, family says
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Methodist Hospitals CEO: End of merger talks 'missed opportunity'
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Why January may actually be the worst time to start a resolution
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Republican Senators defends Trump after ‘shithole’ comment | NBC Nightly News
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Fear as UK Pharmacies run out of flu vaccine
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'Guardians of the Galaxy' director offers $100k for Trump to be weighed on 'accurate scale'

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