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By US News Health · Published: Jan 13, 2018 @ 05:52:00 PM

It wasn't that long ago that when an organ failed, the patient died. But thanks to the marvel that is modern medicine – and the generous contributions of organ donors and their families over the past several decades – organ transplantation is becoming . . .

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House call 2.0: Women GPs bring remote care to rural Pakistan
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Pneumonia during pregnancy: What you need to know
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Don't try too hard to be happy, study warns
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Indian Billionaire Sunny Varkey's Foundation Sets Out To Improve Skills Of Ghanaian School Leaders
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Neurosurgeon answers questions relating to brain injuries
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Tripp Halstead Dies 5 Years After He Was Struck by a Tree Branch, Leaving Him with Brain Injury
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Do Californians love to binge drink? New CDC study looks at U.S. alcohol habits
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Woman tries to treat flu, ends up needing liver transplant
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Cancer: Your daily horoscope - March 18
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AIDS Researcher Top Candidate to Lead the C.D.C.
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Obstacles for Trump in push to expand the death penalty
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Suspended Albion pharmacists dispensed far more abused drugs than peers, feds say
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Denied benefits, delayed payments, and the bureaucratic roadblocks of the NFL’s concussion settlement
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Abortions In Mississippi Need To Be Performed By Docs, Judge Rules
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13-year-old dies when sinus infection spreads to his brain — how common is this?
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Nearly 590K pacifiers, teether holders recalled in US due to choking hazard
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'Life of Pi' actor Irrfan Khan diagnosed with tumor
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Nuts - What Effect Do They Have On Your Health?
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Surgeons help man whose jaw was fused shut for 38 years - Daily Mail
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How a big harpoon could be Europe’s answer to catching its out-of-control satellite
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Astronaut advocating for STEM-heavy curriculums in school
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Charlie Gard's mum supports toddler given 'days to live' - Daily Mail
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