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By Voice of America · Published: Apr 22, 2018 @ 12:28:00 AM

In a medical first, a French surgeon says he has performed a second face transplant on the same patient — who is now doing well and even spent a recent weekend in Brittany. Dr. Laurent Lantieri of the Georges Pompidou hospital in Paris first transplante . . .

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Global Blood Therapeutics: Potential To Enhance Blood Flow In Patients And Money Flow For Investors
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Eggs can lower risk of stroke and heart attack, new study finds
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We're all probably a bit narcissistic — here's how you can use 4 of your dark personality traits to your advantage
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California's Message To Hospitals: Shape Up Or Lose 'In-Network' Status
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Are You a ‘Type D’ Athlete? Relax and Ask for Help
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Plant pigments may preserve lung function into old age
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What is the Nordic diet? (And why should you start eating it?)
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'It's not a great birthday present': Australians aren't using the DIY bowel cancer test sent out to 50-year-olds
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Wild, untidy gardens better for mental health, designer claims at Chelsea Flower Show
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Why fever can be your friend in times of illness
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Canals prescribed by GPs to combat depression
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An egg a day really could keep the doctor away
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In the Addiction Battle, Is Forced Rehab the Solution?
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In the addiction battle, is forced rehab the solution?
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Hawaii eruptions cause health concerns
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Yoga may be right move against urinary incontinence
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