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By Storytrender on · Published: Dec 07, 2017 @ 08:55:00 PM

An Indian mother is desperately waiting for the treatment of her young daughter who once stood 5'9 tall but has shrunken to just a 4 feet body. Roma Gulati, 22, suffers from an acute case of Rickets that has caused her bones to painfully shrink and left . . . .

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Washington U lands grant to study childhood obesity as parents grapple with treatment costs
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FDA Wants to Treat Smallpox Just in Case it Comes Back as a Bioweapon
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WHO recognises 'compulsive sexual behaviour' as mental disorder
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If You Eat Dairy-Free Ice Cream by the Pint, You May Not Want to Hear This
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Trump’s latest move on Obamacare is incompetent — or sabotage
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Loneliness in America is a public health problem
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Where Are Your Crabs From? FDA Warns About 4 State Vibrio Bacteria Outbreak
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Serena Williams has her greatest, most hard-won title: Champion of women
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Ellicott City family provides support for sickle cell patients
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8 seemingly healthy Trader Joe's products that actually aren't good for you
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ALDI recalls some poke kits from five Maryland stores
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Study finds gaps in screening of kids for developmental delays
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How Do I Know if I Have Endometriosis?
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Nurses picket in Ann Arbor as negotiations with Michigan Medicine continue
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Pulses of light restored hearing in gerbils. Could that lead to higher-tech cochlear implants?
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Emaciated dog found on streets of Bay City now on the mend
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