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By Instyle · Published: Mar 16, 2018 @ 10:24:35 PM

Shaving your legs before a pedicure—and thereby sparing an innocent stranger from having to touch your prickly calves—seems like a no-brainer. But what may seem like a simple act of hygiene (and courtesy) could actually be setting you up for a nasty . . . .

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Trump’s Doctor Accused of Handing Out Ambien. D.E.A. Calls the Practice Illegal.
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Using Yelp for Your Health
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Another Harm From the Opioid Epidemic: More Heart Infections
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Newfound Successes in CTO PCI Could Pave Way for More Trials
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Dozens of Opioid Bills Advance in House
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Rock Bands Soar When Some Members Are Married
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House Subcommittee Approves Opioid Package
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Here's why the apparent increase in autism spectrum disorders may be good for U.S. children
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Uptick of Autism Spectrum Disorder Seen in CDC Network
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House Panel Approves Multiple Opioid Bills for House Vote
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Woman dies of rare illness spread by rodents
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Why surgeons amputated a 7-year-old’s leg and reattached it the wrong way
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The CDC Is Telling Consumers to Stay Away from Romaine. Here's What You Should Eat Instead
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Women suffer from more migraines than men, and a new study finally found a reason why
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Elgin considers raising age to buy tobacco products to 21
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Dietary Antioxidants May Reduce Parkinsonism Risk, Progression
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Youth majorly affected by drug overdose, says study
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More people sickened after eating romaine lettuce tainted by E. coli
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7 Health Warnings Your Fingernails May Be Sending
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