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By Fox News · Published: Nov 15, 2017 @ 01:51:00 AM

Imagine a world in which you produce the prescription medicine you need right inside your home. With the push of a button, a machine synthesizes your blood pressure medication, without a trip to the pharmacy. In addition, the cost is minimal. The concept . . .

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British People Are So Lonely That They Now Have a Minister for Loneliness
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British government targets a modern public health scourge: Loneliness
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To reduce the risk of opioid addiction, study suggests higher doses but fewer refills
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Federal audit finds problems with California's graduation rate calculations
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Trump: Predecessors left North Korea to a president 'that scored the highest on tests'
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Cycling won't sabotage a man's sex life: Study
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Botox may help stop teeth-grinding during sleep, study finds
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Fast-food meals could soon be 'calorie capped' by British Government
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Cigarettes and pot linked to teen psychosis
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Man faints on airplane, nearly causes flight to make emergency landing because of 'Aussie flu'
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Cold temps tied to 32 water main breaks in Naperville since Dec. 1
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Cold snap or heat wave: which one is more deadly?
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Trump’s ‘Dictator Blood’ Is Keeping Him Alive, Trevor Noah Jokes After President’s Physical Results Revealed
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Coordination and Flexibility Needed to Improve Rural Health Care, Study Says
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The State of Health Care in Rural America
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What Donald Trump's Mental Health Exam Doesn't Tell Us
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Popular pill for morning sickness doesn't work
by The National
17 Jan, 2018 10:45 pm Full Screen
Severe flu: what to know about this year's nasty season
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What Is The Tide Pod Challenge? | Los Angeles Times
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New victims in flu epidemic as CDC holds urgent meeting
by ABC News
17 Jan, 2018 09:48 am Full Screen
Why are so many nurses quitting the NHS in England? - BBC News
by BBC News
17 Jan, 2018 06:47 am Full Screen
Indonesia admits slow response to Papua's health crisis
by Al Jazeera English
17 Jan, 2018 06:06 am Full Screen
Bipartisan immigration plan fell short on border security: White House
by The Times of India
17 Jan, 2018 03:20 am Full Screen
Donald Trump plans to lose a stone, White House doctor says
by The Telegraph
17 Jan, 2018 02:31 am Full Screen
Flu Leads To ER Overcrowding, Hospitals Set Up Makeshift Treatment Areas
by CBS Los Angeles
17 Jan, 2018 02:14 am Full Screen
Future of India - New Channel "KIDS Health & Fitness" by Guru Mann
by Guru Mann Fitness
17 Jan, 2018 01:36 am Full Screen

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British People Are So Lonely That They Now Have a Minister for Loneliness
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