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By The Guardian on · Published: Jan 13, 2018 @ 03:12:00 PM

The introduction of medical marijuana laws has led to a sharp reduction in violent crime in US states that border Mexico, according to new research. According to the study, Is Legal Pot Crippling Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations? The Effect of ... . . .

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MD Anderson Cancer Center Fined $4.3M for HIPAA Violations
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Scientists Are Using a New Weapon to Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria—Viruses
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Childhood virus HHV linked with Alzheimer's decades later
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Harder Evidence Builds that Viruses Play a Role in Alzheimer’s
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Baby Born with Painful Skin Disease Who Requires Bleach Baths Is Surviving Despite the Odds
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Preschoolers with depression benefit from therapy that helps regulate emotions: Study
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Hypochondria gets a new treatment — and a new name
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Five-Second Rule Validated in the Operating Room
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'Migrating' bumps on woman's face discovered to be parasite
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Video Game-Addicted Boy Stopped Using The Bathroom, Damaged Bowel To Keep Playing
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Insurers to Expand Presence in Affordable Care Act Marketplaces Despite Uncertainty
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The Overlooked Children Working America’s Tobacco Fields
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Could Antidepressants During Pregnancy Slow a Child's Motor Skills?
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Tips to Keep From Overeating at Party Time
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Prosthetic hand gets sense of touch with electronic 'skin'
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Is marijuana causing mental issues in teens?
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Parents of immigrant children: It's not right
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Alert!!!! After rice now plastic eggs for sale in market || Your health at risk
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Kenyans' love for ugali is causing malnutrition | Morning Express Health
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MD Anderson Cancer Center Fined $4.3M for HIPAA Violations

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