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By NBC News · Published: Nov 15, 2017 @ 12:08:00 AM

Efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and recent rules allowing employers to opt out of birth control coverage have Latina health care advocates worried about access. More than 8-in-10 Latinos as well as U.S. adults believe that birth control is an .. . . .

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More Adults Exercise, But Obesity Is Rising
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You Can Cook a Whole Chicken Without a Full Size Oven With This Kitchen Appliance
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17 Billion? How the CDC Estimated How Many Binge Drinks US Downs Each Year
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Student housing and parking to improve at Ferris State University
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3 Things In Biotech, March 16: Lilly's Advisory, Solid's Downfall, Inovio's Heps Up
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She’d lost a lot of weight and had trouble swallowing. Was she dying?
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Don't laugh it off: Sex addiction recovery could help resolve the harassment crisis
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America is on a binge -- 17.5 billion drinks worth: Study
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3 Revolutionary Cancer Treatments
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Medical tourists, undocumented immigrants and ballooning costs: California's path to single payer is rocky
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Young adults in this suburb have a high risk of STDs — but why?
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UH fertility clinic consent forms don't bar individuals from filing lawsuits, lawyers say
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The Gross Reason You Should Never Shave Your Legs Before a Pedicure
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Ending the silence around endometriosis is key to helping women find treatment options
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There's a remote Norwegian town where you're not allowed to die
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This Study May Find That Moderate Drinking Is Healthy. The Alcohol Industry Was Asked to Pay for It.
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