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By Ars Technica · Published: Feb 23, 2018 @ 07:10:00 AM

LAS VEGAS—Every year, when I tell people I'm going to Las Vegas in February for video gaming's version of the academy awards, the response is usually the same: "I didn't even know video games had an academy awards." Yes, those who follow the industry .. . . .

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Gaming disorder added to the International Classification of Diseases
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Gaming Disorder is a real addiction insists the WHO
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The WHO Just Classified 'Gaming Disorder' As a Mental Health Condition. But Should It?
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'Gaming disorder' has been classified as a mental health condition by the World Health Organization — here's what that means
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ESA Issues Statement On WHO "Gaming Disorder" Diagnosis
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The WHO officially puts gaming on its list of addictions
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'Gaming Disorder' is now an official mental health condition
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World Health Organization: “gaming disorder” is now a disease
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‘Gaming disorder’ is now classified as a mental condition — but there’s reason to be skeptical
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What It's Like to Lead Gaming's Greatest Team
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'Gaming Disorder' enters WHO's latest classification-of-diseases draft
By CNETRead More
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'Gaming Disorder' enters the WHO's latest classification-of-diseases draft
By CNETRead More
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World Health Organization adds gaming disorder to disease classifications
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Gaming disorder: Obsessive video-game playing recognised as mental health problem
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"Gaming disorder" recognized as a mental health condition by World Health Organization
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World Health Organisation Classifies Gaming Addiction Disorder
By BBCRead More
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