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By · Published: Nov 15, 2017 @ 01:41:00 AM

more than 100,000 Portlanders who didn’t vote in the primary vote in the general election. For example, in 2016, more than 330,000 Portlanders voted in the general election, but only 216,000 voted in the primary. That means 114,000 voters turned in a .. . . .

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MLK would have wanted Trump impeached: Maxine Waters
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Clock ticking as Congress returns to one big spending mess
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Foreign governments, candidates, trade groups spent at Trump properties: report
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JPMorgan Chase's Dimon walks back Trump one-term prediction, says Dems don't have a deep 2020 bench
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House panel interviewing Bannon after his fall from power
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Mark Levin Rips Mueller: Where's Your Case? It's Been Eight Months. Give Us Your Collusion Case.
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Majority of Minnesotans believe Franken accusations, but fewer think he should have quit
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Minnesotans still getting to know new senator Smith
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Officers' widows, others affected by violence have MLK talk
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How a man's first-ever tweet, about Obama's respect, proved more popular than Trump's bluster
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Martin Luther King's children criticize Trump, decry racism on holiday
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Trump said he didn't care about CBC's demands during tense immigration meeting: report
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Inside the tense meeting where Trump made controversial remarks on immigration
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A look inside the tense, vulgar meeting on immigration
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Investigator finds no bullying by Stillwater school board members
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Trump thinks he could easily beat Sanders in 2020 match-up: report
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