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The President signaled he will use race and the politics that it invokes as an anchor of his reelection bid

Analysis: Trump vs. 'the Squad' makes watershed moment in racial politics

Analysis: Trump vs. 'the Squad' makes watershed moment

Analysis: Republicans represent almost none of the places most immigrants live

Don Lemon on Trump's racist behavior: I told you so

Trump says he's not a racist, but Don Lemon has the receipts

That time Graham called Trump a 'race-baiting' bigot

Chris Cuomo: Trump knows what he says is wrong

Here are the 4 congresswomen known as 'The Squad' targeted by Trump's racist tweets

The President's racist attacks directed at Democratic congresswomen was too much for some in the GOP

US aid cuts to UN agency will hurt vulnerable women and children, critics say

Opinion: American Jews don't want to be Trump's political pawns

Erin Burnett: All four women are as American as Trump

Burnett: Some GOP responses to racist tweets are shocking

Melania Trump silent as her husband attacks congresswomen


Cubs acquire catcher Maldonado from Royals

Clarke stakes Grizzlies to summer league crown

Sources: Cuban fined $50,000 for meeting leak

Gators' Franks: Baseball would be a 'backup job'

Warriors GM: We didn't acquire Russell to flip him

ICC: Big questions facing the top clubs

International Champions Cup: Big questions facing the top clubs

Remembering Whitaker: 'Sweet Pea' a master of the sweet science

Riley: Hurts hasn't won Sooners' top QB job yet

Sources: Falcons, DT Jarrett reach $68M deal

Falcons, DT Jarrett beat deadline, reach deal

A boxing weekend with something for everyone

Agent: Simmons, 76ers have 5-year, $170M deal

Djokovic-Federer tiebreaker creates drama, confusion and debate

Binghamton hoops player Anyichie, 19, drowns


Wales takes world's steepest street title from New Zealand

Divers Swim, Take Pictures With Oversized Jellyfish

Half a million sign up to raid Area 51 and 'see them aliens'

Woman 'hurls snake at driver' in alleged car-jacking caught on camera

Brazil's Israel embassy ridiculed for trying to hide non-kosher lobster

Colorado Police Have Standoff With Runaway Llamas, Joke on Social Media

Copycat Blue Bell ice cream licker arrested in Louisiana

Bright orange bird turns out to be seagull covered in curry

Headbanging cockatoo knows 14 different dance moves

Man Removes Boa Constrictor From Under Car With Bare Hands

'A scarecrow.. a Smurfette': Melania statue unveiled near hometown

'A scarecrow... a Smurfette': Melania statue unveiled near hometown

Nurses 'off their faces' after accidentally eating cannabis cake

Chinese city to clamp down on 'Beijing bikinis'

'Lufkin Licker' faces up to 20 years in prison over ice cream stunt


Christine Lagarde Must Learn to Run an Economy That’s Slowing to a Crawl

Dissent in Ranks of Hollywood Writers Who Fired Their Agents

Tariffs on China Don’t Cover the Costs of Trump’s Trade War

The Apollo 11 Mission Was Also a Global Media Sensation

Sony Gives Literary Film Division, Axed by Disney, a Second Life

Broadcom’s Bid for Symantec Is Said to Have Stalled

Stella McCartney Teams Up With LVMH, in Plot Twist in Luxury Wars

Is Your Heartbeat Off, or Blood Sugar High? On the Road, You Can Keep Track

Michael Seidenberg, Who Ran a (Sort of) Secret Bookstore, Dies at 64

A Feisty Google Adversary Tests How Much People Care About Privacy

Britain’s £50 Note Will Honor Computing Pioneer Alan Turing

Alan Turing, Computing Pioneer, Will Be Honored on Britain’s £50 Note

Alan Turing Will Be New Face of £50 Note, Bank of England Says

DealBook Briefing: China’s Economic Growth Is at Its Slowest Since 1992

Japan, Taking a Page from Trump, Uses Trade Against South Korea

Science - Technology

Mediator: Kissing Babies, Loving Scrapple, Fighting Viral Hoaxes: ’20 Race’s New Routine

‘Knitting Is Coding’ and Yarn Is Programmable in This Physics Lab

Hewlett Packard Enterprise to Acquire Supercomputer Pioneer Cray

HP Enterprise to Acquire Supercomputer Pioneer Cray

Bits: The Week in Tech: Putting an A.I. Genie Back in Its Bottle

Amazon to Invest in Deliveroo, a Rival to Uber in Food Delivery

Violent Japanese Mascot That Tickled John Oliver Is Suspended by Twitter

Trump’s Latest Move Takes Straight Shot at Huawei’s Business

Watch SpaceX Launch 60 Starlink Orbital Internet Satellites

SpaceX to Launch 60 Starlink Satellites, Aiming to Build Orbital Internet

How the Promise of a $120 Billion Uber I.P.O. Evaporated

Facial Recognition’s Many Controversies, From Stadium Surveillance to Racist Software

Trump Administration Balks at Global Pact to Crack Down on Online Extremism

Tech Tip: How to Add Hollywood Special Effects to Your Videos

Alibaba Reports Slower Growth as U.S.-China Trade War Intensifies


Bureau of Land Management Headquarters to Move to Colorado, Senator Says

Beto O’Rourke’s Fund-Raising Falters as 2020 Democrats Announce Finances

Money Gap Separates Democratic Field Into Haves and Have-Nots

Pence’s Border Trip Illustrates Conflicting Messages About Detained Migrants

Wrangling Begins in Queens D.A. Recount, Recalling Florida Intrigue in 2000

The Silent Majority Party

Joe Biden, Echoing Obama, Pledges to Shore Up the Affordable Care Act

Trump Falsely Accuses Ilhan Omar of Proclaiming ‘How Great Al Qaeda Is’

Four Congresswomen Denounce Trump After He Accuses Them of Hating America

Trump Sends Negotiators to Geneva for Nuclear Talks With Russians and Also Seeks to Limit Chinese Warheads

Money Gap Among Democrats Grows as Inslee, Castro and Gillibrand Report Small Hauls

Rejecting Criticism, Trump Accuses Pelosi of ‘a Very Racist Statement’

Trump’s Tweet Was Condemned as Racist. His Response: No, They’re the Racists.

Huge Turnout Is Expected in 2020. So Which Party Would Benefit?

He’s Gay. His Main Opponent Makes Homophobic Remarks.

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